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The Eclectic Approach to Therapy

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Since there is no one theory/therapy that applies to all people, eclecticism is the ideal manner in which to provide therapeutic treatment. When the therapist uses an eclectic approach, it is important that they stay current in their variety of theories used. Most therapists prefer two or three therapies. Which two or three theories or therapy do you prefer, and why? How and to whom do you think these therapies would be beneficial? Why would this particular combination of therapies be beneficial?

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One therapy that I prefer is psychoanalysis, due to the fact that this form of therapy is very helpful in finding the underlying causes for individuals behavior or behavioral patterns. This is a very effective form of therapy, due to the fact that it allows an individual to engage in a form of self-awareness, in which the individual can freely convey their thoughts and perspectives on reality, as well as their individual lives. This methodology allows keen insight into an individual's psyche, due to the fact that an individual that is being analyzed is free to speak about certain aspects of his or her condition, as well as their experiences throughout life. As the individual relates more information about him or herself, this individual actually starts to reveal the causes of their psychological makeup, or their present behavior patterns. This methodology also promotes an atmosphere where the patient is free to express whatever thoughts they are having at a given time, so that ...

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