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Reliability of Psychological Assessment Tools

In working with psychometric instruments, we are always very concerned about the reliability of the test. There are several types of reliability:
â?¢Alternate form
â?¢Internal consistency
â?¢Inter-item consistency
â?¢Profile reliability

Many assessment results are reported with a "standard error of measurement" - this recognizes that, if the test was taken again by the same participant, under identical circumstances, the results would likely be a little bit different.

Can you share some of your findings about the reliability of various tests and to discuss some of your cautions/concerns/considerations about this topic?

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It has been my experience that the vast majority of the assessment tools that are used in the field of psychology are fundamentally reliable, although there is some variability in the reliability between the different tests or assessment tools. It appears that the less the test relies on objective observations and answers from the individual that is being ...