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Psychological Techniques

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To prepare for this discussion, select one of the following techniques that you might be interested in using: silence, role-playing, empty chair, relaxation, imagery, or transference.

Give a brief description of the technique you selected and explain why you might be interested in using this technique. Then, describe the two articles you selected, providing empirically based support for the technique. Describe any challenges you might encounter when attempting to use the technique you selected, and explain how you might address these challenges. Be specific.

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The psychological techniques are discussed. The challenges which you much encounter when attempting to use the techniques you selected is determined.

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In this particular discussion, I have chosen to focus on imagery since I find that imagery has practical applications outside of the clinic and proves just as useful in real life and in treatment programs. Mental imagery is also called visualization and mental rehearsal. It is, in essence, a form of perceptual experience in the absence of cues and stimuli - the event not really happening but we imagine it using our abilities to perceive and conceive ideas, performing an action or explaining a position without the actual event happening. In literary use, the object is not really there, but it is used to create a comparative juxtaposition to create meaning for the readers. For clinical purposes, the notion of meaning creation is still in place although the juxtaposition and comparative element might not be. The idea is to imagine and add depth, to help the individual experiencing problems make sense of anxieties, utilizing the mind's ability to imagine for the purpose of 'correcting' ...

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