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Nutrition Science


I will need to write a Power Point Presentation, please help me with some ideas. I will need to include information on the following: o What carbohydrates are o The difference between simple and complex carbohydrates o How sugars are broken down and used in the body o The benefits that carbohydrates provide to the body

Healthy eating plan based on the old MyPyramid

Create a healthy eating plan for a female weighting 275 pounds and her height is 5'1 and not exercise that much. Visit and click on mypyramid plan in the subject listings. Create a healthy eating plan for 1800 calories and recomendations from the website. Be sure to discuss the following: Your current ea

Discuss: The Digestive System and How Digestion Occurs

Task: Complete the Human Digestion activity located at After, do the following: Describe the path food follows through the digestive system and how digestion occurs in each of the following parts of the digestive system. Be sure to include descriptions of oth


Write about the effects of dehydration. Include answers to the following: o Why is water essential to health maintenance? o What are the functions of water in the body? o What happens to the body when it does not get the water it needs? o Compare and contrast how different electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and chloride

Eating disorders

I'm looking for help in doing this essay. Some of the things that need to be included are: What are some of the health problems associated with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder? Explain, from a physiological standpoint, how eating disorders may lead to health problems. Give at least three examp


Centrum Chewables Determine if the multivitamin would meet the recommended daily intake for adults for vitamins and minerals. Relate the vitamin and mineral amounts in the multivitamin to your diet. What are some of the benefits you stand to receive by taking it every day? Does taking a multivitamin every day raise your

Life Span Nutrition Needs

Please help me so I can make the following: Create a 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, tracing the nutrition needs of both a man and a woman throughout the various stages of life. Be sure to address what their nutritional needs are: As infants As teenagers As adult

Healthy Eating Plan

What would be a healthy eating plan at 1800 calories a day for a 50 year old female with high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholestrol?

Nutrition - Menu by Ages

Write a 1-day menu for EACH of the following life stage groups: Note the specific age of the individual you are writing the menu for. Toddler/Young Child (age 15 months to 5 years) Pregnant Woman (You decide the age of the mother) Adolescent or Teen (age 9-18) Adult (age 19-70) Older Adult (over age 70) Menus shou

Nutrition - Pyramid Tracker

Using the Pyramid Tracker ( or a fast food nutritional analysis guide (usually available at fast food establishments if you ask), compute the nutritional value of a fast-food meal (including drink). Step 1) Write down the meal and the total kcals it provided. Step 2) Determine the total numb

Nutrition - Energy Balance and Weight Management

1. Explain how energy balance is related to body weight. 2. List three main components of energy expenditure. 3. Explain what is meant by a healthy body weight. 4. List five health problems that are associated with excess body fat. 5. What changes in the environment in the last 20 years have contributed to an increas

Nutrition - Vitamins give you energy. True or False?

1. Vitamins give you energy. o True o False Why? 2. British sailors are called "Limeys" because they ate limes while at sea to prevent scurvy. o True o False Why? 3. Cooking does not affect the vitamin content of foods.o True o False Why? 4. If some of a vitamin is good, more is better. o True o Fa

Nutrition and Bottled Water

Why is eating a wide variety of foods important? List 2 water soluble vitamins and list a good food source for each. List 2 fat soluble vitamins and list a good food source of each. Read "Off the shelf: Is bottled water better?" attached. Read "That controversial liquid refreshment: Water" at http://www3.interscience.wile


1. ·Which foods most often contain saturated fat and cholesterol? ·What effect does saturated fat and dietary cholesterol have on our health? Identify a food high in omega-3 fatty acid and a food high in omega-6 fatty acid. ·List the effects of each (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) on health.

Nutrition - Digestion from Beginning to End

1. Start by imagining you are eating a carrot and describe the mechanical and chemical digestive processes that act on the carrot in the order of their occurrence in the body. In this description, identify which digestive processes are mechanical and which digestive processes are chemical. 2. How would this process be differe

Digestive System Disorders

What are at least two common digestive problems. What are some of the ways these two digestive problems can be remedied or relieved? Do you think home remedies might work better than some of the suggested treatment methods you have read about?

Digestive System Disorders

Digestive System Disorders 6. A. Name the common electrolytes lost because of diarrhea. 6. B. State the major effect on the body of sodium loss and of potassium loss. 6. C. State and explain what arterial blood gas levels may be expected in the presence of severe vomiting. 8. Explain several ways in which se

Definitions of the dimensions of health

Define and explain each of the six dimensions of health: a. Physical Health b. Psychological Health c. Spiritual Health d. Social Health e. Intellectual Health f. Environmental Health

Food Journal Analysis

Can someone please help me along here? I have attached the food intake for today, May 28, 2007. a) How did your recorded protein intake compare with the recommendation of the CNPP? b) If your recorded protein intake was too high or too low, which foods might you change to achieve your goal and keep other nut

Human Nutrition

"An E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 22 people ? two of them seriously ? was linked by health investigators Monday to three Taco Bell restaurants in New Jersey. Investigators also were examining whether an outbreak on Long Island was connected to the fast-food chain."( You add

Diet Plan

Your friends have heard of your expertise in nutrition and two of them have requested that you suggest a diet plan to help them improve their athletic performance. What suggestions would you make? Would these suggestions include the use of supplements? Why or why not?

Pediatric Obesity

For the family of an obese child, *should* the whole family go on the same diet together? Research suggests this is highly effective. What are pros and cons of both sides? If the best plan *is* for the whole family to go on a diet together, what do you think would be the payoff (why and what) the rest of the family who is alread