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Nutrition Science


If someone presents him or herself as a nutrition expert, how would you evaluate his or her credentials and the information he or she provides? How would you respond to nutrition information provided by a lay person (family member, friend, colleague, fellow student) that you know is debatable or false? What sources do yo

Calories & Fast Food

Any guess how many calories are in your average fast food burger (Whopper, Quarter Pounder, Six Dollar Burger), fries and a soda? How many calories exactly?

1) What are some common problems that arise from micronutrient deficiencies? How might these problems impact overall health & life expentancy? 2) What are 2-3 functions of micronutrients? How can you assure that you get all of the needed micronutrients daily ?

1) What are some common problems that arise from micronutrient deficiencies? How might these problems impact overall health & life expentancy? 2) What are 2-3 functions of micronutrients? How can you assure that you get all of the needed micronutrients daily ?

Major micronutrients

Discuss one of the major micronutrients (vitamin or mineral) other than Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein, and Fiber? In what foods is this micronutrient commonly found? What are the negative effects if you don't get enough? What if you get too much?

Discussion Questions

I have to answer the questions below in 450 words. I have been reading the chapter and don't fully understand these questions: 1) In what ways are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, & fibers alike in relation to health, morbidity, & mortality? In what ways are they different? 2) What factors must you consider before taking

In your opinion which social program has had the greatest impact on older adults and why? What are the challenges in the future for this program? how will or can these challenge be met?

Meal on Wheels has been a very successful program for aging Americans. As the baby boomers grow in numbers, resources diminish and means to support the program gets more difficult to manage, the services will be less stable. Nonprofits can only do as much as is donated, in terms of food, volunteers, transportation and program fa

Nutrition and Fitness Need Supporting Information

I'm a 125 lbs and 5 "1. Walk alot. Eat lots of vegetables. Eat bake meat. Do not drink sodas or drink coffee. Do not drink enough water. *Explain your fitness and nutritional habits. Also, briefly explain some of the health risk associated with obseity. *Identify and describe three new fitness habits that you could reasonabl

Health focal areas are listed.

Planning Better Health for the Future i) The National Center for Health Statistics has established the Healthy People 2010 for tracking the nation's health. Access the Web site and locate the 28 focus areas. Write apaper identifying the top 10 areas that you would consider the most important to address if budgetary restraint


What are some ways to deal with pressures that cause one to overeat or undereat ?

Wellness course

Describe the physiological functions and sources of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and fiber. Differentiate the relationship of carbohydrates, lipids, protein, and fiber to health, morbidity, and mortality.

Health questions

1)What nutritional choices can an individual make to reduce his or her chances of developing heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, or influenza? Give examples to explain for each disease. 2)Is the United States a healthy nation? Provide supportive statements for your position 3)What is the role of government in reducing chr

Over-consumption of macronutrients

This week we are discussing macronutrients. And I was wondering about the below: If the established standard amount of a nutrient is good for you, is consuming more better for you? Why? Can someone please tell me the effects of excessive intake of the below: water protein fiber carbohydrates lipids Include your re

Should you go organic?

What makes a food organic? How do the prices between organic and non-organic produce compare? Can you taste the difference?

Determining serving size

Can you think of any food items that are commonly regarded as single portions but contain multiple servings? What are some tips/tools to visually identify a serving size without using measuring cups or scales? There are many foods that we overindulge because we don't know what a single serving represents. What is a single serv

Public Service Bulletin: Food-Borne Illness

Imagine there's been a drastic rise in food-borne illness in the city you live in. The public lacks the knowledge about proper food safety to prevent these problems, and they also do not know how to find accurate nutritional information to educate themselves about nutrition and health. You have been given the task to create

Healthy People 2010

Based on the health indicators of Healthy People 2010, how would you evaluate the outcomes of community health promotion interventions in your area? Provide 1-2 examples of interventions that have focused on health promotion. Use at least one reference.

Heart Healthy Foods are emphasized

Please gather a list of as many heart healthy foods as you can. Once you have done this, develop an optimal nutrition plan for two days incorporating as many of these heart healthy foods as necessary. You may choose to write a diet plan (meal recipe's) consisting of 3 meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or you may outline

Role of Government.

The government polices over important areas in our lives. Our health is one of them. They set standards and regulations to help us. Do you think they are doing a good job in this area?

Nutrition and Government

What should the role of government be in influencing our dietary decisions? Should there be set nutritional standards in regards to food production and food consumption? Explain why and to what extent, if any. What have they done right? What have they done wrong?