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    Taking control of type 2 diabetes

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    Imagine that your best friend from childhood just discovered s/he has type 2 diabetes. Your friend calls you and says, "Hey, I know you're studing nutrition now and I need some advice here. I' really scared about what this mean for me, and I need help getting ready for a follow-up appointment with my doctor, I know nutrition is really important for me, but i don't really understand how diabetes work or how to manage it."

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    First I would try to calm her down and then try to explain her about what diabetes is.
    "You may remember back from bio in high school that when we eat bread or pasta, the body breaks it down in sugars and starches that turn into glucose. The cells use glucose as their fuel. This glucose is now in the blood but to get to the cells you need insulin. Insulin job is to take the glucose to the cells.
    In Type 2 diabetes, your body either does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Then if you don't have enough insulin, the glucose will start accumulating in the blood instead of going to the cells. That is why when they check your glucose it comes high.
    If the glucose ...

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    The solution includes a monologue that describes what is type 2 diabetes and gives general recomendations to learn how to take control of type 2 diabetes from a student of nutrition perspective.