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    Type II diabetes natural and pharmaceutic strategies

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    Describe Type II Diabetes. What is it? What lifestyle factors promote it? What lifestyle factors can you do to prevent it?

    Provide one nutritional supplement, could be herb, vitamin, or mineral that can help prevent or manage this disease. Describe what it does to prevent or manage the disease.

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    The consequence of cellular insulin insensitivity is referred to as Type II diabetes. This may be the result of either to little insulin necessary for stimulating cellular insulin receptors for glucose uptake or cells with too few insulin receptors on their plasma membrane to detect insulin. A combination of the two is also possible but most often over stimulation by insulin in response to excessive glucose concentrations results in reduced insulin receptor density. Type II diabetes is considered idopathic, meaning unknown or multiple factor causing. Many factors contribute to this form of diabetes, including: familial genetics and/or gestational/developmental priming, obesity and 'fat hormones', hyperglycemia, vascular disease, high blood pressure, hyperhomocysteinemia, liver dysfunction, or environmental toxicants. A common denominator to many of these are poor lifestyle choices that include: highly processed high carbohydrate/fat-low fiber diets, lack of exercise (sedentary), excess alcohol consumption, smoking and/or stress. Some or all of these in a pregnant woman may predispose a child to type II diabetes. The most effective measure in the prevention of ...