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Nutrition Science

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

What can we do, as we age, to maintain our health? How do media influence consumer health behavior? Is the environment a controllable or uncontrollable factor in health promotion? What is the role of government in regulating behavior and providing resources?

Nutrition and Critical Thinking

Area of nutrition and critical thinking. Please answer the following questions: 1)What is the difference between fat- and water-soluble vitamins? 2)What are antioxidants and phytochemicals? 3)What factors do you consider before taking dietary supplements? 4)What should be the role of government, if any, in influencin

Heart Healthy Diets

1. Typically, heart-healthy diets mention meals of fish and vegetables, cooked with little, if any, olive oil or vegetable oil. However, most of us lead fast paced lives and look for items that are convenient and fast. What snacks or quick, simple meals are heart-healthy but also convenient? Why? 2. As it relates to the four

health problems of an underserved population

If you were in charge of reducing the health problems of an underserved population, what would be your initial actions? What would be your first three priorities? Ideas are offered.

Health and Nutrition True or False Questions

Please help me with these 125 practice true or false questions. My professor gave me these take home questions to practice for my exam. These will be used as practice questions only, but I need at least 90% of them to be correct. To make it easy I don't need any analyses or explanations. You may simply write T or F for eac

Exercising and Eating Healthily

I am in a health class and I have to write a paper on eating right and exercising. I was wondering if you all had any ideas on how I could organize my paper. I was also wondering if you had any ideas where I could get some good information online. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Ideas related to restaurant inspection are included.

The public health significance for restaurants to be inspected by health inspectors is encouraged. Why is it important that health inspectors inspect restaruants on routine basis? How are they protecting the pucblic by providing this service?

These are Nutrition practice questions

Please could someone answer these nutrition practice questions to help me understand the subject better? Question 1 Therapeutic diets should: be expected to be very different from the normal diet be less than the RDA's, since the patient is sick be customized to the patient be as uniform as pos

Physical education

10. Helping relationships Associate with people who have and want to overcome the same problem, form or join self-help groups, join community programs specifically designed to deal with your problems. Behaviour #1: Stress Group or person that may help you change yor behaviour... Please see attached for full question.

Human Nutrition and Food Guide Pyramid

I need some ideas please. How do we organize food choices? How do the serving sizes in the Food Guide Pyramid fit with our experiences in daily food choices? What influences the food we pick and why? What are nutritional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges?

Proteins & Exercising

What are the sources of proteins for our bodies, and what are some of the functions that they have in our body, when they are at work during exercise?

Advise to a overweight friend

Your childhood friend has been overweight ever since you knew him. He is a kind and gentle "big" guy, who is now 28 years old and is about 25 pounds overweight. Otherwise he feels he is "healthy." He drinks a cup of black coffee and a donut or Danish for breakfast. He usually grabs a burger, fries, and a large coke for lunch. D

Advice to a marathon runner

Imagine that you have a 25 years old brother who has signed up for the local annual Marathon this year. He is physically fit and his physician gave him the OK for the race. This is his first time joining the race and he is quite excited about the event. However, he is also concerned about needed nutrients that he heard his frien

Advice to a Vegan

A woman you know is a vegan (strict plant food eater). She asked your advice regarding sources of protein in plant foods. What is your advice?

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements Evaluation

I have chosen: One-A-Day Women's Formula Vitamins. It can be found on www.drugstore.com at http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=17349&catid=52795&trx=PLST-0-SRCH&trxp1=52795&trxp2=17349&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SRCH a. Provide your rationale for using this supplement. b. Does it contain all the recommend

Nutrition and the Food Guide Pyramid

In thinking about a typical daily diet of an overweight American, how does it compare with the recommendations of the Food Guide Pyramid? Give examples.

Food Pyramid

Based on personal fitness level, age, sex, and weight management goals, what is the recommended daily servings that a middle-aged overweight female with moderate physical activity should consume from each food group listed on the pyramid?

Enhance a Family's Confidence

Which key concepts enhance a family's confidence in their ability to positively change health behaviors? Please explain.

Nutrition - Food Guide Pyramid

Help develop a paper containing one-paragraph answers to each of the following questions: a - How does the Food Guide Pyramid assist individuals wanting to plan a healthy daily menu? b - What are some of the advantages of using the Food Guide Pyramid? c - What are some criticisms of using the Food Guide Pyramid d