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    Physical education

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    10. Helping relationships

    Associate with people who have and want to overcome the same problem, form or join self-help groups, join community programs specifically designed to deal with your problems.

    Behaviour #1: Stress
    Group or person that may help you change yor behaviour...

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    1, Consciousness Raising and identifying Behaviors.
    Identify two behaviors you would like to change. These may include behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, stress, nutrition and weight control.
    Behavior #1 Stress
    Behavior #2 nutrition.
    Social Liberation and Advocacy Groups
    List groups or organizations that may help you change your behavior
    Behavior #! Stress
    Advocacy Groups: Club for Tension Relief and The Laughing Club.

    Behavior #2 nutrition
    Advocacy Groups: The OBESITY ORGANIZATION and The Weight Watchers.

    3, Self- Analysis and Benefits of Change.

    Questions your self on the problem behavior, express your feelings about it, become aware that there is a problem, analyze your values, and the list advantages and disadvantages of the behavior.
    I feel a sense of tension all the time
    Behavior #1 stress
    Advantages: look aggressive. Look as if I am doing hard work. Remain 'on the job'.
    Disadvantages: I may get high BP. I may get diabetes. Maybe heart problems.
    I feel I am fat and flabby.
    Behavior #2 nutrition
    Advantages: prevents obesity. Prevents heart trouble. Prevents old age diseases.
    Disadvantages: Can't eat anything tasty!

    4, Commitment
    Sign a behavioral change contract.
    Start Date: 16th May
    Completion Date: 15th August
    Your signature:╤■
    Witness Signature:>├ µ←◘

    5. Behavior Analysis: Prepare logs of circumstances that trigger or prevent a given behavior and look for patterns that prompt the...

    My boss.
    Late at work.
    Children trouble.
    Money shortage.
    Work place

    Special Occasions.
    When I am angry.

    6, Goal Setting
    Behavior 1:
    Goal #1 Taking 5 Deep breaths every five minutes
    Goal #1 Date 25th May
    Goal#2: Stretching for a minute at work every hour.
    Goal #2 Date 25th May
    Goal #3 Jogging for 20 minutes every day
    Goal #3 Date: 31st May
    Final Goal: Being relaxed ...