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    Nutrition Science

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    Teen Hunger

    Now one teen boy stands up and tells you proudly that he can eat a whole large pepperoni pizza by himself and within 4 hours can go for more food. How do you explain to him after eating all this food within 4 hours he can be hungry again?

    The Digestive System and the Absorption of Nutrients

    A high school health teacher asks you to give a lecture to a group of teenaged students discussing the digestive system and absorption of nutrients from food. You only have 10 minutes, and need to give just the basics to keep their attention. Provide an overview of the topics you would present.

    Nutrition & Sports Performance

    What role do you believe nutrition plays in the life of an athlete? Are good training habits enough to overcome poor nutrition? Is good nutrition enough to overcome poor training habits? Identify a sport. What types of factors should be considered when developing an individualized sports nutrition plan for athletes?

    Nutritionist Jobs

    1. What are some employment opportunities for candidates who have their B.S. degree in Nutrition Science? 2. Perform a job search for nutrition jobs and share your results with the class. Some ideas may include: nutrition researcher, nutrition educator, food scientist, food labeler, diet coach, nutrition coach, nutrition teache

    Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy Please provide the following: 1. An overview of the condition 2. How/why the disorder alters nutrition requirements 3. Specific nutrition recommendations for the disorder 4. Any recent research relating to the condition and nutrition therapy References, please

    Trauma and Nutrition

    Explain how major surgeries and traumatic events (major injuries, burns, and wounds) can impact the nutrition status of a patient. What are the nutrition related goals during the recovery stage? What surgery or condition that would warrant the use of TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition).

    Cancer, Chemotherapy and Impact on Nutrition

    Choose a form of cancer and discuss how chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy can cause side effects that impact a patient's nutrition status. What nutrition therapy options are available and recommended to patients undergoing cancer treatment?

    Crohn's Diease: Nutrition and Supplementation

    LIst several goals for feeding a patient with Crohn's Disease/Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Also, discuss recent research with regards to nutrition, diet modifications or supplementation for patients.

    Eating Alone

    For this Discussion, eat a minimum of three meals by yourself and answer the following questions: What did you eat for these three meals? Include portion sizes and times of your meals. How did you feel while you were eating alone? Was your food intake affected by eating alone? If it was, why do you think this was the cas

    Diet Recommendation

    Mary is a 35-year-old female present in your office due to poor dentation and obesity. She has been basically living on mashed potatoes, juice, eggs, cheese, and meatloaf for the past 2 months due to her poor dentation. She only eats 2 meals a day because she dislikes breakfast. She has called the dentist, and made an appointmen

    Elements of Nutrition: Adult Male Case Study & Recommendations

    Brad is a 32-year-old male who is present in your office due to weight gain and high blood pressure. He recently had blood work done and he has borderline elevated cholesterol and his blood sugars are a little bit elevated, but his doctor only wants him to focus on losing weight. He thinks he does well with his diet and exercise

    Nutritional Issues with Adolescent Females

    Becky is a 15-year-old female present in your office. For the past 6 months she has only been eating two meals per day and runs about 1 hour per day. She has little time to spend with friends because she is taking advanced classes and has to study every day. She goes to bed around 2 a.m. after finishing up her homework. She then

    Micronutrient Infants Store

    What are at least one micronutrient infants store until 6 months of age, Based on this stored nutrient, What would you recommened for a 5 month old weighing 18 lbs would you recommend supplements? and is the 5 month old normal weight, above weight or underweight?

    Progression of Infant Food 0-12 Months

    What is the progression of solid food from 0 months to 12 months? Include the order of foods you would introduce first, second, third, etc. and the consistency of these foods such as pureed, mushy, chunky, etc.

    Living to be 100

    How can daily physical activity help you live to be 100 years? How can the average person meaningfully incorporate daily physical activity into their own lives in the service of creating if not longevity at least better health?

    Childhood Obesity: BMI and BMR formulas

    Tony is a 9-year-old male whose favorite activity is his video game system. He loves to come home from school and start playing right away. He will usually grab a large bag of potato chips and a soda from the refrigerator and snack while he plays. He will take a break for dinner, but then he heads right back to the game. Accordi

    Nutrition Needs During Lactation

    Kim, a 24-year-old female, had her baby and currently is breastfeeding. She worries her baby is not receiving enough milk. She does not want to pump because she heard this may reduce the amount of milk that comes out of the breast and it may confuse the baby when exposed to a bottle and then a breast. She knows she needs to eat

    Pregnacy and High Risk Pregnacies

    Kim, a 24-year-old female, is 28 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She is 5'7" tall and currently weighs 173 pounds. She walks 30 minutes per day, but it is getting harder. Thus, she walks quite slowly. She had a 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test in which she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She is in your office and

    Pregnancy and Obesity

    Mary Jane is a 32-year-old female who is planning on becoming pregnant within the year. She has hypertension, and the doctor is placing her on another medication that is safer during pregnancy. She is about 20 pounds overweight (5'5" tall and weighs 145 pounds) and trying to lose weight. She provides you with a 3 day food record

    Solutions for Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders in the 21st century are a common challenge because of faster paced lifestyles, more stress, and pressures of the modern world and limited resources for elimination. Traditional and modern solutions are offered.

    Food Allergy, Food Intolerance, and Food Aversion

    1. Explain what are food allergy, food intolerance, and food aversion, and how to manage the symptoms? 2. Describe how nutrients can interact with drugs? 3. Explain how nutrient deficiencies impair a child's thinking or cause misbehavior?

    How are nutrition and immunity are related? Also, describes what cardiovascular disease is, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and diet factors that affect cancer risks. APA formatted reference is included.

    How are nutrition and immunity are related? Also, describes what cardiovascular disease is, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and diet factors that affect cancer risks. APA formatted reference is included. 1. How is nutrition and immunity related? 2. What are cardiovascular disease

    Benefits of Cardio Activity: Muscles, Glucose and protein

    1. What are the short and long term benefits of cardio-respiratory fitness? 2. How do muscles gain strength and size? 3. How does your body utilize glucose and protein for muscular activity? 4. Give examples of an effective pre-game meal? 5. Name and describe the pros and cons of various ergogenic aids: caffeine,

    Helping Prevent Childhood Obesity

    The obesity epidemic in children continues to rise. What is its current status? What can parents do to raise healthy children? What steps can schools take to promote good nutrition and physical activity?

    Hormones and Nutrition, Cells, Tissue and Inflammation

    Choose any 5 of the following topic headings summarize and describe each. (See example below) 1. What do hormones have to do with Nutrition? 2. How does the nervous system interact with Nutrition? 3. Immune Defense 4. Cells, Tissues, Organs Systems 5. Inflammation 6. Why do people like sugar, salt, and fat? 7. Are some fo

    Nutrition solution that defines RDA, AI, EAR, UL, AMDR; responsibilities of the DRI Committee. Offers recommended dietary guidelines and an understanding of food labelsl. Photochemicals, flavonoids, antioxidants, phytoestrogens lycopene's impact on health are discussed.

    1) Name and define RDA, AI, EAR, UL, and AMDR? 2) Name and describe the goals of the DRI Committee? 3) Name and describe the recommended dietary guidelines for healthy Americans? 4) What are some important facts you should know about food labels? 5) Describe each and explain how phytochemicals; flavonoids, antiox

    Overview of the Principles of Nutrition

    Need help with writing a paper that explains these concepts and principles: 1. ID factors that influence what people eat, and learn how to evaluate nutrient adequacy of a diet 2. apply knowledge of the six classes of nutrients to daily diet, recipe modification, etc. 3. demonstrate awareness of personal, cultural, economic, a