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    Living to be 100

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    How can daily physical activity help you live to be 100 years?
    How can the average person meaningfully incorporate daily physical activity into their own lives in the service of creating if not longevity at least better health?

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    Living to be 100 is no longer an amazing feat. In an age of improved technology, we now better understand the connection between dietary consumptions and physical activity. Multiple benefits from improving daily physical activity have been documented. The act of walking at a moderate pace will strengthen the cardiorespiratory system. For those engaging in moderate level activity for a minimum of thirty minutes daily, reduction in blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol levels, reduction in stroke risk, reduced risk of diabetes, and multiple other benefits may occur. Aerobic activity raises the heart rate, stimulating multiple benefits to both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This type of activity is also linked to reduction of adipose tissue and unhealthy weigh gain associated with chronic health conditions. Increased risk for development of diabetes and some cancers has been documented in those living more sedentary lives. Daily physical ...

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    Extending the lifespan has become a regular event thanks to modern technology. Research has provided evidence connecting physical activity and longevity. This document briefly looks at connections between strengthening the human body and increasing probably of lifespan extension.