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    Solutions for Eating Disorders

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    Eating disorders in the 21st century are a common challenge because of faster paced lifestyles, more stress, and pressures of the modern world and limited resources for elimination. Traditional and modern solutions are offered.

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    Anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating have been common problems since the end of World War II. As early as the 'roaring '20s,' changes in what is fashionable, with regards to body shape and control, have evolved. The era of Rembrandt and the voluptuous women in the paintings as well as the marble nude women of Rome are gone. That was a time when fat bodies reflected wealth. The populace then did not know the value of fitness, proper diet and a healthy balanced lifestyle, including calm practices as meditation and stress reduction.

    More emphasis on the shape of the body has resulted. There was a time when the majority of eating disorder candidates was females but wrestlers, body builders and entertainers such as Michael Jackson have an extraordinary focus on body image, as well. The concepts of being hard on self and others and extreme perfection, along with status are typical of people with these conditions. Literature notes low self esteem and poor self concept as a catalyst for the condition. This author, having studies the condition for over 25 years, has found the underlying reasons to be not so simplistic. Control and lack of control can be a powerful force. Overbearing authority figures such as parents, in personal relationships, teachers or employers can provoke powerlessness and therefore a yearning toward food misuse.

    A person who overeats is visible to ...

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    Traditional and modern solutions are offered for the eating disorders.