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    Effects of Nutrition on Growth, Development, and Learning

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    How might nutrition affect growth, development, and learning at this stage?

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    6 to 12 year old children are very active. Besides their physical activities, they also spend a major part of their day at school along with the rest being spent at home. Since school and home are the two major places of their lives for they tend to eat the most often, it makes sense that the two work in cohesion for the benefit of the child's nutritional health. Those children can be referred to as school age children. School age children have different nutritional needs than older adults.

    The school age child's balance meal should consist of fruits, vegetables, grains, breads, dairy products, fat in meals, foods high in protein and snack that are rich in complex carbohydrates, in order to provide energy. "A general ...

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    This solution explains the affect of nutrition as it relates to learning, growth, and development in 6 to 12 year olds.