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    Proper Childhood Nutrition

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    Hi there, I have a paper that I would like your thoughts and input on.

    Proper health and nutrition is of critical importance to the growth and development of young children, yet many American children suffer from nutrition issues. Choosing either malnutrition or obesity, address the following:

    - Discuss the short- and long-term impacts of this nutrition issue on children's growth and development.
    - Locate a case study (or create your own) that describes a specific student who has this nutrition issue. In your description, discuss how the child's school day is affected by the issue and describe three specific ways the early childhood teacher addresses the issue in the school or center setting.
    - Describe three ways to combat this nutrition issue that involve collaboration among school, family, and community.

    The paper should be three to four pages in length, in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at least two references. If you can give any help I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Literature on nutrition substantiates the problem children face in America. Research has found that malnutrition may have irreversible long-term effects. The clinical significance impacts health status, but also on education performance. The evidence showed that malnutrition in America's children are at risk for deficits in cognitive skills, and an increased chance of mental illness and fail to reach their full development potential.

    In a 2012 case study by Marta Favara, she explains the long and short-term impacts of malnutrition on child development. Malnutrition over a short-term according to the clinical significance is anemia, fatigue, decreased cognitive function, headaches, developmental delay, and mental retardation. The term effects are slow linear growth, behavioral changes, irritability, decreases social responsiveness, anxiety and attention deficits. The implications of malnutrition will certainly affect the education.

    It is vital to understand that malnutrition is not the same as hunger. Malnutrition is insufficient, excessive or imbalanced consumption of protein, energy or micro-nutrients. Too much of one ...

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    The short- and long-term impacts of the nutrition issues on children's growth and development is discussed. Three ways to combat a nutrition issue that involves collaboration among school, family and community are given.