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    Determining serving size

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    Can you think of any food items that are commonly regarded as single portions but contain multiple servings?
    What are some tips/tools to visually identify a serving size without using measuring cups or scales?
    There are many foods that we overindulge because we don't know what a single serving represents. What is a single serving for pancakes, pasta, rice, apple, fruit, cheese, steak, or fish?

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    Bagels are often a single serving as they are served. However, a standard size bagel can contain 2-3 servings. A single serving bagel should be 3 ounces or the size of a hockey puck.

    The best way to visualize appropriate servings sizes is to correspond them to a ...

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    Several short paragraphs describing how to determine the serving size of items from the major food groups. Web references included.