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Promoting Better Nutrition and Fitness Habits

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I'm a 125 lbs and 5 "1. Walk alot. Eat lots of vegetables. Eat bake meat. Do not drink sodas or drink coffee. Do not drink enough water.

*Explain your fitness and nutritional habits. Also, briefly explain some of the health risk associated with obseity.
*Identify and describe three new fitness habits that you could reasonably incorporate into your lifestyle. How could these new habits improve your health?
*Identify and describes three new nutritional habits that you could reasonably incorporate into your lifestyle. How could these new habits improve your health?
*Discuss how each new habit would promote healthy weight.
*Discuss how each new habit would benefit your health in general.

Fomat in APA standards.

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The various ways you can promote good nutritional and fitness habits.

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Obesity is a major problem in America today. Some of the health risks associated with obesity are heart disease, which is the #1 cause of death in the US alone, and type 2 diabetes, which in turn can lead to stroke, kidney disease, and coronary heart disease. (McGee, Scotty, 2009)

Three great fitness habits for health improvements are:
1.Exercise at least three times a week. Exercise (aerobics, yoga, etc..) releases hormones to the brain that make us feel good. Therefore, the more you exercise, the more you will feel good about yourself, the more you will want to live a healthier lifestyle, and the least you will turn to unhealthy food for comfort. Also, exercise increases metabolism, which in turn increases fat breakdown in the body, giving you a healthier weight. Very important, make sure you do not walk just for the sake of walking, but because you feel a positive change ...

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