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Suggestions for better nutrition and fitness

Identify and describe three fitness habits
How could these habits improve one's health?
Identify and describe three nutritional habits
How could these habits improve one's health?
Discuss how each habit would promote healthy weight
Discuss how each habit would benefit one's health in general

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Three fitness habits include :
Yoga which is a form of exercise that typically involves a series of held for a few seconds or a few minutes that stretch and relax different parts of the body. The emphasis is on breathing, stretching and balance. Yoga is great for helping an individual relax, it can be ideal for stress management and for imporving flexibility. Also there are certain types of yoga that can be part of anyone's fitness routine.
Brisk walking for fifteen minutes: Walking is a simple exercise that offers many health benefits. Some of these benefits include improved metabolic health, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced body fat and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.
Jogging for 30 minutes 3 days per week: Doing this has all the benefits of lifestyle physical activity. It can result in improved physical fitness, a reduction in chronic disease risk and an improvement in an individual's quality of life. Jogging can also increase an ...

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The following solution give suggestions that people may follow in order to achieve greater fitness and adopt healthy eating habits. It also explains how each habit can benefit an individual's health.