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Special Education and Learning Difficulties

Students with severe disabilities

Remember that students with more severe disabilities can go to school until they are 22 so they may spend many more than four years in high school. For students of this level their families will work closely with Voc Rehab to establish a plan or them after high school. What kind of transitions are made for this?

Pullout for Special Education

Things can be presented differently when it comes to students who are in general education placements versus students in self-contained placements. Many times the providers who work with my students will schedule my students last when they are putting things together because being self-contained we have a lot more flexibility.

Technology in special needs classrooms overview

Technology plays a huge role in todayâ??s classroom. It can make an even larger impact on those with special needs than it does on students in the general education population. Assistive technology enables students with disabilities to do things they would not have access to or would struggle greatly with, without assistance.

Special Needs Children

Take for instance the following scenario, as a teacher you have had the opportunity to explore some of the characteristics you can expect from those with special needs in your classrooms as well as some of the ways you can make adaptations for these students in the classroom. What are some ways to help your current or future stu

Assessment and Special Education

Why is it important for educators to have a clear understanding of assesssments? How does assessment measure true success and failure for a student? How do classroom assessment techniques alert the instructor to future lerning problems for a student? What assessment tools would you use after teacher observations and curriculum-

Experience working with a Diverse Learner

As a teacher, can someone tell me an experience they have had with a diverse learner? (Diverse Learner: someone that is gifted, talented, or learning disabled.) Please explain this person's exceptionality, experience in education, and interaction with peers. Please list age and grade level of student. Please use as much d

Special Needs Students in 1960 versus today

In your own words, compare and contrast the education of students with special needs in the 1960's versus today. I was not born in the 60's and I am having trouble finding information on how they were treated back them.

Reauthorization to IDEA

If you were to propose a reauthorization to IDEA, what changes would you propose in regards to special education?

Effective Special Teacher

I need help in the following assignment: The question of how to be an effective special teacher is an extremely important one in the light of the significant role education plays in the future and destiny of children with special needs.without quality education, the chances of these children succeeding in their education are

Physiotherapy and Special Physical Education

Please I need help with the following Special Physical Education Assignment Many people believe that special physical education and physiotherapy are one and the same thing. a) Do you subscribe to this statement or not? b) Discuss this statement by referring to the aims and objectives of each of these fields. c) Bring o

Special Education Discussion Questions

On the videos you have to look to see if a pop blocker is there to allow access. Having some trouble answering the following questions. I have attached a powerpoint and two short videos also. I am having trouble putting into orginial answers. After viewing mel Chapter 7 Activities assigned videos respond to the following p

Questions about Special Education

(1) Most students with learning disabilities currently receive their instruction in general education classrooms. Some fear that students who are fully included in the regular education classrooms. Some fear that students who are fully included in the regular education classroom will not get the academic support they need.

Special Education Questions

I am having difficulties with some questions regarding special education, and really need some help. In what ways are teaching children from diverse cultures a special challenge? The debate over the efficacy of billingual instruction has gone on for years and will most likely continue in this country. What are the pros and

Special Education: Assessments and Educational Planning

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1.) Explain the purposes, models, methods, and domains of assessment of students with learning disabilities. 2.) Plan and justify educational interventions for students with learning disabilities 3.) Address rationale for and the issues of assessment, 4) Give illustr

Special Education

Why are specified tests necessary for identification and placement of special needs students? When may testing practices be considered discriminatory?

Help with Special Education questions is given.

These inquiries are covered: 1. Discuss the importance of considering a student recieving special education services as a person first, with their disability second. 2. Explain the six major principles of IDEA. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of co-teaching. Describe at least 5 for each.