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    The IRIS model and the pre referral process for special ed.

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    1. After checking out the IRIS model (http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/da/chalcycle.htm), share if your views regarding individuals with a disabilities changed. Will this experience change how you work with a student identified with disability?

    2. Look to see if you can find your school's child find announcement (sometimes it is in a calendar or on a school's website) or check out school board policies related to identification of children with disabilities. Does the policy require pre-referral? Share your thoughts on these two items.

    3. Share your own topic for discussion related to the referral process.

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    Each special education student has specific strengths and weaknesses and just studying a model should not determine an individual's view of students with disabilities. These strengths and weaknesses can only be seen after establishing a rapport with each student, what works for some students does not work for others.
    While the federal government has set guidelines for each state to follow in regards to special education students, it is up to each state to specify how they will respond to the identification and education of special education students. Many states have changed its policies this year as to how special education students are referred for psychological testing. The teacher, after obtaining ...

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    This solution is comprised of over 450 words on the pre referral process for special education students. Includes information on the prior referral process and how the process has changed.