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Assessment Tools Used to Accomodate Special Needs Children

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List and analyze assessment tools used for accommodating students through inclusion, remediation and enrichment.

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I am going to copy and paste an article I wrote on this subject for another student. It is in parentheses. Then I am going to add a little information that I use in my classroom.

(As students are required to have new knowledge and abilities as we go from the industrial to the informational age the way we test must also change. Assessments should require students to think critically, analyze and make inferences. Understanding how kids learn and the relationship between assessment and learning must come into play.

I am going to give you a website that has an excellent example of a rubric used to assess a social studies unit. This type of testing instrument can be used for any subject matter. I teach math and am in the process of designing a similar piece of material. The beauty of this type of assessment is that multiple objectives can be covered and students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. It also calls upon students to use higher level thinking to complete the task.

The instrument I am designing will require students to make observations and draw conclusions about proportions. I will spend time telling them what and how to use proportions. I plan to walk them through a similar task that ...

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This article lists assessment tools used for accomodating students through inclusion, remediation and enrichment. It also gives reasons for using each tool.