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Pullout for Special Education

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Things can be presented differently when it comes to students who are in general education placements versus students in self-contained placements. Many times the providers who work with my students will schedule my students last when they are putting things together because being self-contained we have a lot more flexibility. When students come from general education classes you have to really be concerned about the times they are being pulled out.

When would you think would be the best times to pull kids for services?

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Having been a general education teacher, who also happens to teach what is considered an elective, Obviously, I would want a child pulled from any other elective class than mine! Since many of my colleagues esteem their subject matter more highly than others, I think it best to pull a child out for services when the environment or course design allows for more independent or project based work, which happens to be a more frequent occurrence for art and PE teachers.

With art, while the student may miss ...

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Pullout for Special Education is considered. General education classes for student providers are determined.

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