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    Special Education and Learning Difficulties

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    Math related learning disabilities

    Reflect and research on a specific math related learning disability. Describe how it can impact a student. What are some strategies to help the student with this type of disability? 1 - Information processing such as the visual deficits, auditory processing, motor/memory/attention deficits 2 - Language such as expressive/rec

    Educating Students with Disabilities

    Students will disabilities have the right to a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment possible. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was enacted by Congress to uphold this belief. Over the years, IDEA has been revised several times. Review Presentation: Procedural Safeguards (RIM 2007)

    Methods in Identifying and Nurturing Sparks in Special Education

    First, watch the video from Edutopia titled "Smart Hearts: Social and Emotional Learning Overview" (http://www.edutopia.org/social-emotional-learning-overview-video) Next, read the guest blog post on "A Principal's Reflection on Student Driven Schools "(http://esheninger.blogspot.com/2011/05/student-driven-schools.html) Then

    Discipline in High School and Elementary School

    My newest assignment wants me to interview a high school and elementary school administrator. My problem is that because of a work injury (in an elementary school here) the district that I live in will not cooperate with me when it comes to stuff like this. You have so much experience and information that I thought maybe you cou

    Continuum of Placement Alternatives

    I need help with a discussion question that I have to answer this week in a short essay. I'm not sure what "Explain the continuum of placement alternatives" means. The rest of the question is "What are the implications of keeping children with special needs in the classroom with children that are without disabilities? Discuss th

    Special Education - Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation

    I need help with an essay that I have to write. Thanks in advance for your help. 1. Explain how thinking has changed regarding the understanding of students with disabilities. How has legislation and litigation influenced the education of students with disabilities? 2. What was your initial response during your first person

    Resources on Students with Special Needs

    I am writing a paper on students with disabilities. The topic is left wide at this point (what schools need to do, laws, effect on families, teacher's needs, effect on other students etc.) I am looking for around 30 sources of information for this topic. I would like someone to help look up websites that will help with the res

    Special Education on Misunderstood Minds

    Being able to break a task into its constituent parts and identifying what skills will be needed to complete a curricular activity is an important part of modifying curriculum for special needs students. The formal process for performing this function is referred to as a task analysis. 1. Analyze the purpose of a task analysi

    Exploring Components of Special Education

    1. What might be some critical components of Special Education a new site administrator would need to know? 2. What might be some of the positive aspects of the relationship between Special Education and General Education (staff communication, instructional program, etc.)? What are some areas that could be improved? What are

    Rights of Parents with Special Needs Children

    In what ways can a parent be actively involved in their child's education throughout their child's school life? (learning disability, mildly autistic) What are some rights as a parent with a special needs child?

    Creating a special education portfolio

    Describe the importance of creating a special education professional portfolio. List items that you would include in your professional portfolio. Describe each in 2-4 sentences and justify why you think each is important.

    Special Education

    1) Dealing with Intellectual Disabilities recommend assessments that need to be discontinued, and explain why they need to be discontinued. 2) Why and how a special education teacher should collaborate with parents and regular educators? Should parents be required to participate in the education process?

    Special Services for Disabled Children

    Special services for children with mental disabilities often cost a great deal more than educational services for their peers without these issues. To what degree do you think society and parents of children without disabilities should be held responsible for the increased costs of educating children having mental disabiliti

    Outcomes for students with disabilities

    Please help answer the following question. There are many challenges facing educators, which include increasingly higher standards and teacher accountability for student performance. What do you predict will happen to students with disabilities in the current educational climate and special education in the future?

    HI/VI- Assistive Technology.

    What types of assistive technology are available to students with hearing loss? Have advances in technology made the curriculum more accessible for students with these types of impairment? Why or Why not?

    Special Education - Emotional Behavioral Disabilities

    Questions for school administrator: When dealing with a child with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities what is your expertise, what are the definitions and challenges of EBD and how would you contribute them to the IEP team?

    Special Needs/Regular Ed. Students

    Why is it important for educators to understand what is normal academic development? Compare normal academic development with indicators for learning disabilities

    Student Self-Advocacy and Special Needs

    Beard et al. (2011) maintains that self-advocacy allows special needs learners to help determine their own future pathways. Consider the support needed for a learner who desires to communicate with his or her IEP team, disability services, or human resources department. Discuss the strategies that a learner could utilize to

    Special needs scenario of a disruptive student

    Suppose you are a new school counselor in an elementary school. You have been asked by a teacher to observe Jake, one of the students in her fourth-grade classroom. The teacher indicates that Jake's behavior is having a negative impact on the other students' ability to learn. Jake is consistently creating disruptions in her clas