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    Special Services for Disabled Children

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    Special services for children with mental disabilities often cost a great deal more than educational services for their peers without these issues.

    To what degree do you think society and parents of children without disabilities should be held responsible for the increased costs of educating children having mental disabilities?

    What are your opinions on what should be done with regards to education for children with mental disabilities?

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    This is an interesting question that focuses on your own personal opinion. No matter which way you answer this, the answer will not be wrong. Personally, I do not believe that all parents are responsible for the increased costs of educating children with mental retardation. This is because everyone pays taxes according to their income level, and a portion of these taxes goes to schools. Even if a person has no children in school, he or she still has to pay this tax. School taxes are a part of life.

    The tax money is then allocated to ...

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