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What you might include in a special education portfolio

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Describe the importance of creating a special education professional portfolio.
List items that you would include in your professional portfolio.
Describe each in 2-4 sentences and justify why you think each is important.

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Solution Summary

This document identifies the kinds of items that you might want to include in a special education portfolio for a job application, or for a related education coursework assignment.

Of key importance are identifying your personal, professional, and unique work experiences that you could document and include in a special education portfolio.

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One of the goals of a professional portfolio is to offer a prospective employer a sampling of materials that demonstrate your varied experiences in the subject matter.

Although what you choose to include and describe is dependent on your previous and/or current experiences, you might comment on things such as:

1) Personal connections (Do you have family members, friends, or relatives of friends that are involved with, or once were involved with special education?)

2) Professional training (Have you taken courses in special education? If yes, you might have a final project or homework ...

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