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Pros and cons of e-portfolios for SPED teachers

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What are the pros and cons of professional e-Portfolios? How would a professional e-Portfolio specifically benefit the special educator?

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First, let's define terms, to be sure that we are all on the same page. An e-portfolio is a portfolio in digital form, such that it can be viewed or transmitted via a CD-ROM, a DVD, or online, as opposed to a physical portfolio, which must be viewed in person, and transmitted by hand.

A portfolio generally has one of two distinct purposes. An exemplar, or summative portfolio, displays a person's BEST work, and is designed to showcase their most outstanding examples of work (like an artist's portfolio, for example - their best pieces). A formative portfolio, on the other hand, shows progress towards a goal, and how the person overcame difficulties or solved problems.

For a special education teacher, it would be the second sort of portfolio that would probably be the best one to showcase how they dealt with especially troublesome or difficult children on their caseloads. It is the process, and the perseverance, and the ingenuity in solving problems that is the hallmark of an outstanding special ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of e-portfolios for special education teachers are discussed, with definitions, examples and ideas.