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    Report Cards Evaluation

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    Research and evaluate four different report cards for K to Age 8/Grade 3.

    Create a one-page table with the following:

    Pros and cons of each report card's ability to effectively communicate with families and how the information is reported to families;
    Suggestions to enhance each report for teachers and for families; and
    Which report card you would want to use as a teacher and explain why.

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    What I did is research sample report cards for 3rd grade. I've copied and pasted the links to each sample report card at the end of this posting. I hope you find these useful. Actually, I gained quite a bit of insight at looking these up, too! You can use this information to create the table as your assignment has instructed.

    The first report card sample is from Baltimore County Public Schools....
    *easy to read
    *the percentage rate of attendance is given (along with number of days absent and tardy), but also lets parents know that the state standard for attendance rate is 94%
    *along with achievement grades in each subject, there are also effort codes as well. Many schools just give either the achievement grade or the effort grade. It's nice that BCPS shows both.
    *all core subjects are included, along with additional subject areas (such as PE and music) and behavior
    *a section is included for teachers to write comments or concerns

    *its a lot of information to shift through as a parent
    *because of the length and depth of the report card layout, teachers may skim over and/or provide inaccurate information to the parents to get the report cards done on ...

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    Pros and cons of some example report cards from across the country.