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    Johnson's Effectiveness in Preparing his Report

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    Jeff Johnson is the sales manager for Sunny Days Greeting Cards, Inc. At the beginning of the year, the organization introduced a new line of humorous birthday cards to the U.S. market. Management held a strategic planning meeting on August 31 to discuss next year's operating activities. One item on the agenda was to review the success of the new line of cards and decide if there was a need to change the selling price or to stimulate sales volume in the five sales territories. Johnson was asked to prepare a report addressing those issues and to present it at the meeting. His report was to include the profits generated in each sales territory by the new card line only.

    On August 31, Johnson arrived at the meeting late and immediately distributed his report to the strategic planning team. The report consisted of comments made by seven of Johnson's leading sales representatives. The comments were broad in scope and touched only lightly on the success of the new card line. Johnson was pleased that he had met the deadline for distributing the report, but the other team members were disappointed in the information he provided.

    Using the four W's for report presentation, comment on Johnson's effectiveness in preparing his report.

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    Though Jeff Johnson did meet the report's deadline, the report failed to meet its objective as it failed to effectively integrate the four W's of report presentation - what, why, where and when. First, Johnson failed to underscore what the ...

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