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Scorekeeping, Attention Directing, and Problem Solving

For each of the following activities, identify the function that the accountant is performing?scorekeeping, attention directing, or problem solving?and explain why it fits that category.

1. Preparing a schedule of depreciation for forklift trucks in the receiving department of a General Electric factory in Scotland.

2. Analyzing, for a Sony production superintendent, the impact on costs of purchasing some new assembly equipment.

3. Preparing a scrap report for the finishing department of a Toyota parts factory.

4. Interpreting why the Colville Timber Resource Company did not adhere to its production schedule.

5. Explaining the stamping department's performance report.

6. Preparing a monthly statement of European sales for the Ford Motor Company's vice president of marketing.

7. Preparing, for the manager of production control of a Mittal Steel plant, a cost comparison of two computerized manufacturing control systems.

8. Interpreting variances on the University of Michigan's purchasing department's performance report.

9. Analyzing, for an Airbus manufacturing manager, the desirability of having some airplane parts made in Korea.

10. Preparing the budget for the dermatology department of Providence Hospital.

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This solution looks at ten accounting activites and classifies eaching into one of three accounting functions: scorekeeping, attention directing, and problem solving