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    Student Self-Advocacy and Special Needs

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    Beard et al. (2011) maintains that self-advocacy allows special needs learners to help determine their own future pathways. Consider the support needed for a learner who desires to communicate with his or her IEP team, disability services, or human resources department.

    Discuss the strategies that a learner could utilize to ensure he or she remains a vocal self-advocate and receives the necessary assistive solutions. What resources might a person with disabilities turn to if he or she feels their needs are not being met?

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    Provided the student is of an age for self-advocacy, he/she could speak to the school counselor and share that he/she would like to be able to speak with the IEP team as well as the disability services and resource department. A student in transitional phase can sit in on team meetings as well as request information from all means of services available to him/her. The student may request any of these beginning with approaching the principal of ...

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    This solution of 300 words provides strategies that a learner could use to become a self-advocate whilst receiving necessary assistive solutions.