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    First steps: Technology in Special Education classrooms.

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    How do you see technology in your classroom curriculum and How will you carry out this plan? Will you target 21 century skills, state standards,; will you utilize constructivism approach, collaborative groups, hands on activities? Mention these within the mission and vision statements.

    creating a Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan that you can use in the classroom as a guide and a reference book. Please complete an Outline Page .

    Title Page
    Outline Page
    Section One: Vision and Mission Statement

    I am just asking for help understanding it and getting started.

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    Having written Vision and Mission statements, applied individual (and group) educational plans, and managed classrooms (including special ed.) for 15 years, I think I can explain what is required here. More importantly, I can give you the start you need, with a few examples from outside sources.

    assignment requirements------

    From what is given, it looks like this is just a first step in developing a Technology Plan to integrate computers and media into the normal learning routine of your daily class. Your instructor wants you to begin the formal plan with a:

    title page----exactly what it sounds like-----a cover to what will eventually hold all aspects of technology integration in your classroom. This should have a title like "Technology Guidelines," "Our Media," "Classroom and Computers" to be comprehensive of all the items within. Other titles might be more age appropriate, or more fun, or attention grabbing, considering the grade level and degree of disorders. For example, simplify the title for severely impaired students----"Internet Now" or "Tech Time." For ALL aspects of this assignment, the NEEDS of your students should dictate the major decisions and overall use of the "guidebook."

    Your next step is a little more difficult, as it requires an:

    outline-----of all the items within the guidebook. This should read like a table of contents for a book. For example, if your guide will have these items:

    time on task
    internet use
    group work
    free search
    rules for all

    you will need to place them in the outline, in the order you choose, with one or two details ...

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    This solution is a guiding effort for an instructor attempting to formulate a plan for introducing technolgy in a special ed classroom. Tips are given for the initial process, accompanied by a sample outline and examples of mission and vision statements.