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    Special Needs Children

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    Take for instance the following scenario, as a teacher you have had the opportunity to explore some of the characteristics you can expect from those with special needs in your classrooms as well as some of the ways you can make adaptations for these students in the classroom. What are some ways to help your current or future students with ideas that will be the basis for contributions to evaluation teams, IEP teams and in making student interventions.

    Remember to consider what, as a teacher would feel are the most important points of what you have learned from watching children with special needs.

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    As a regular education teacher, who teaches in a elective area, I experienced all special needs students in the 6th grade foreign cultures exploratory course. Each of the children who came through my course, many with extreme special needs that did not permit mainstreaming for much of the day, was unique and had something uniquely special to contribute. One of the reasons that I was comfortable teaching these special needs students was that I treated them as unique and valued members of the class and that I modeled the expectation that ...

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