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    Effective Teaching for special Needs students

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    I need help in the following assignment:

    The question of how to be an effective special teacher is an extremely important one in the light of the significant role education plays in the future and destiny of children with special needs.without quality education, the chances of these children succeeding in their education are slim.As a result their employment prospects are poor which in turn affects their life styles and overrall standard of living.In view of the above statement,discuss the major elements of an effective special teacher that can result into effective learning among children with special educational needs.

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    I don't entirely agree with the statement, where some students DO have potential and when motivated properly, they can and will excel and become productive members of society.

    Granted, there are children and disabilities that will make dependent lifestyles and traditional success a mainstay but one should not shortchange the possibilities. However, ...

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    Special needs of children require more individualized attention and guidance from teachers.