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Diversity and Inclusion

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This posting lists different types of teaching methods and ideas on arrangement of learning in these areas:
1. One each, One Support
2. Station Teaching
3. Parallel teaching
4. Alternative Teaching
5. Team Teaching

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As you brainstorm for this project, please allow some of these ideas to guide you:

One Teacher, One Support is a model where one instructor teaches a unit, while another teacher serves as an expert. This method is effective because students have two teachers for questions, feedback, and assistance. Please note that it is easily implemented in a variety of arrangements. Participants involved range from traditional core teachers to specialized instructors pairing with the Special Education experts.

Next, Parallel Teaching involves a more particular layout. Please note how the teacher divides the class into groups and teaches them simultaneously. This method also uses a low student/ teacher ratio. This method also devotes more time to learning versus students waiting for help. It also helpful for re-teaching, immediate feedback, constant communication, teacher ...

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This posting explores issues related to Diversity and Inclusion.