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Lesson Planning

Math scope and sequence questions are featured.

Scope and Sequence What is the main purpose for a K-8 math scope and sequence? How would you describe the K-8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose? Describe the format of the K-8 math scope and sequence from the school district you chose. What would you change about the K-8 math scope and

co teaching experience

Please share your experience on the co-planning and your experience in co-teaching with elementary students.


This is my lesson plan. I need an assessment to go with it. Could you please help me with the assessment on this lesson plan? I have messed around and waited until the last second. I have two more lesson plans I am working on and they are due today. This would help me a lot. I was messing around with using this for the assess

Comprehension strategies - lesson plan

I need help with the following: Choose comprehension strategies using an instructional approach of guided or shared reading (I choose visualizing strategy) It needs to be for reading a book lesson plan (The Cat in the Hat) for example: - It needs to be a formal lesson; - Include objectives, state standards addressed , mate

Directed Reading Thinking Activity

Directed Reading Thinking Activity · Develop a guided reading lesson or a Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) for a narrative text. · Write one to two questions for before, during, and after reading to encourage studentsâ?? predictions. · Identify 4 to 5 prediction points in a piece of chi

Lesson Plan including Scaffolding

Please see the attached lesson plan and rewrite the lessonâ??s procedure to include "scaffolding" using the framework below: Scaffolding Framework: 1. The teacher does it - In other words, the teacher models how to perform a new or difficult task, such as how to use a graphic organizer. For example, the teacher may have a

Lesson Plan Help

I need help with creating a formal lesson plan that included the comprehensive strategy (visualizing strategy). It can be for 1st grade level and has to be for using an instructional approach of guided or shared reading. THis class is for literature and reading. The solution includes sample lesson plans for the subject area and

Integrating Instructional Technology

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan, Draft of Section Three: Integrating Instructional Technology Prepare a draft version of Section Three: Instructional Technology of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan, 1) peruse samples of integrated lessons using technology. 2) Write a summary and rationale, draftin

Anti-Bias Curriculum

Please provide 3 concrete examples of how anit-bias education can be taught in a pre-school classroom.

Designing a Lesson Plan for First Graders

Lesson plan to teach 1st graders capitalization. Plan to use at least two different instructional strategies. Within the lesson plan, the following components must to be addressed: 1. Goals and objectives Specific content area goals and objectives must be provided. These goals and objectives must follow the guidelines d

Analyze an ethics case study

Use the case study "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." Analyze and attempt to resolve the dilemma in the case study using these lenses and steps: The Equity Lens The Rights Lens The Utility Lens The Empathy Lens The Priority Principle The Squirm Test Final Decision Applying the Ethical Reasoning Model

Differentiated Instruction in a Lesson Plan

Select a postsecondary lesson plan, an instructional module/training plan, or one segment of a workshop or seminar agenda. Using your selected postsecondary lesson plan or segment of a seminar or workshop, recommend two modifications for each of the four ways of differentiating instruction that were discussed in class. These in

Constructivist science lesson plans with analysis

Within your collaborative group, create two separate lesson plans that are supported by the theory of constructivism. Describe the components within the lesson plans that reflect the constructivist theory. (1) Use science standards from the National Science Education Standards (NSES) to select standards and create learning go

SIOP model

I need a lesson plan and outline based on the SIOP. The topic that I chose is "fish and its charactersistics" and subject is reading. The book I chose is "whats it like to be a fish" by Wendy Pfeffer.

Science education

The 12 science processes used in science experiments are divided into two groups: (1) The basic processes include: (a) observing (b) classifying (c) communicating (d) measuring (e) predicting (f) inferring (2) The integrated processes include: (a) identifying and controlling variables (b) formulatin

Lesson plan assistance

Locate three lesson plans to analyze for the first grade level. I have attached the 1st grade scenario. I need help setting the three lesson plans based on the scenario. I also need help with the second attachment which needs to be done after the lesson plans are located.

The Lesson Plan Adaptation Summaries

Can you help me with this?? Conduct an Internet search on five different sites to locate five different content area lesson plans. For each lesson plan write a summary of the lesson and a summary on how to adapt the lesson for special needs students. I only need help with 2 of them. I already have a Math, English and Span

Classroom arrangement overview

How might the four elements of classroom arrangement assist in classroom management? Which classroom management model is most closely aligned with your personal philosophy?

How to Write a Strong Lesson Plan

When writing a sample lesson plan for an Education course, there are several important pieces of information that need to be included. The following outline and brief description of each part of the plan should help you when you are required to write your own lesson plans. This outline can also be used when planning lessons in a

Time management

How can one avoid the problem of too much to teach and too little time? Please share ideas as to how tro include assessment in the time crunch.

Teacher work samples

Can you help me with this? Write a reflection "paper" on teacher work samples, addressing the following: o Purpose o Major elements o Use in the classroom o Questions and concerns Thanks!

Reading Aloud and ELL's

Incorporate reading aloud in a brief lesson plan for English Language Learners. I hope to use the thoughts interchangeable with other ideals so I can make a large weekly plan off of this small plan. This does not have to be exravigant. I am looking for a 10th grade history class reading aloud lesson plan that helps ELL's underst

SIOP lesson: include an assessment tool, consistent with the SIOP model

Can someone help me to create an SIOP lesson plan that is an orginal (which means not one from a website or book)for 7th graders in an English Class? The lesson plan must include an assessment tool, consistent with the SIOP model. Possible tools can be: observation checklist, rubrics, and self-assessments. Please use the pre

Reading activities for The Raven.

Can someone help me come up with 2 pre-reading, 2 guided reading and 2 post-reading activities to do with the short story The Raven.