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    Lesson Planning

    Learing Activities and Curriculum on the Internet

    Research on how educators can find information on the development of curriculum, specifically learning activities on the internet. Also explain what benefits educators can gain from researching curriculum activities, outcomes and objectives on the internet.

    Transfer of Learning

    Bloom's Taxonomy is explained. A teaching lesson uses characteristics of the Cognitive theory. The lesson includes the following information: 1. topic description 2. audience description 3. terminal performance objective(s) - TPO 4. instructional strategies and methods to be used 5. how to assess transfer of learning

    Holiday Lesson Plan

    This posting brainstorms ideas about a children's poem or song about advent or the advent wreath to use as a motivating activity for a lesson plan.

    The purpose of this solution is to help the student plan high quality lessons in any subject area. It includes ways to align the lesson with state and district curriculum requirements and grade level expectations.

    Every school district requires educators to supply detailed lesson plans for every subject that they are teaching. These lesson plans must reflect the current district and state curriculum goals. The lesson plans must have detailed instructions on how to teach the lesson properly and to determine if the lesson was effective.