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Learing Activities and Curriculum on the Internet

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Research on how educators can find information on the development of curriculum, specifically learning activities on the internet. Also explain what benefits educators can gain from researching curriculum activities, outcomes and objectives on the internet.

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MES - English (2006). Retrieved October 20, 2006. from www.mes-english.com

MES -English is a wealth of information for teachers. This website provides teacher activities and tools geared for the younger students for preschool and K-6. This site which is easily navigated and laid out to make it user friendly provides teachers with free flashcards, handouts, phonics cards, ESL games, international projects x-change library and activities ready to print. Also provided her are multilingual handouts for foreign language teachers. This site also provides all the materials for one curriculum so the teacher is able to make a complete lesson plan. For instance, it provides handouts, flashcards, activities and games all on one lesson so it just has to be printed and added to the lesson plan and it is ready to go. This site also provides a comprehensive lesson on phonics that includes activities on all levels of learning through this process. This is a great resource for teacher and educators and a very well developed web site.

The teachers Corner (2006) Retrieved October 20, 2006. from www.theteacherscorner.net

This site, at first a little hard to navigate, upon further investigation turns out to be quite the valuable resource for lesson plans, activities and printable work for ...

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