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    Lesson Planning

    Designing a Professional Development Plan

    Design your own Professional Development Plan. You will need to create a step-by-step timeline that shows your commitment to personal and professional growth in creating academically and culturally diverse classrooms. Using the exercises for personal and professional growth from Chapters Two through Eight of the course text,

    Differentiating for Learning Profile

    What is a lesson plan? What is a measurable learning outcome? Explain and provide possible differentiated teaching strategies (aligned to the learning outcomes) that are appropriate for a variety of students with different learning profiles. Differentiated process Differentiated product Differentiated content Explain how

    Civil War Unit Evaluation

    For this problem, I must evaluate a pre-developed unit of instruction. I must evaluate the quality of the unit's objectives, activities, and assessments with supporting documentation on best practices. It mus be three to five double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and has to be submitted in APA forma

    Graphic Organizer Month Long Lesson Plan Outline

    Using a graphic organizer of your choice, create a basic outline of a social studies theme that could be taught over the course of a month or longer. Choose a topic that would include two or three units that flow in an orderly sequence. Display the unit titles in the graphic organizer with lesson titles and topics. Full less

    RSVP Instructional Framework

    The RSVP Method View the elements of the RSVP instructional strategy framework below. Select at least two activities you would like to include in your classroom instruction for teaching 1. What is the class you will use for this assignment? - Grade level. - Subject matter. - Mix of students (include at least one of th

    Differentiating in Learning

    Differentiated Instruction Select a post-secondary lesson plan, an instructional module, a training plan, and one segment of a workshop or a seminar agenda. Follow your selected post-secondary lesson plan or segment of a seminar or workshop to write a 1200+ word paper recommending two modifications for each of the following

    Developing an Effective Syllabus or Agenda

    Just need your opinion and input. Have you ever taken a class or workshop, and after looking at the syllabus or the agenda, thought to yourself, "This teacher has no clue as to what they are doing!" Does it, in your opinion take practice or experience to develop a good syllabus or agenda? In other words, do you need to b

    Differentiated Instruction and Concept Formation

    What are the benefits to the six-column framework for differentiated instruction? How can you use this framework in preparation for differentiated instruction? How might a leader use it to support change or improve instruction? On page 39 of Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice: Training, Implementation, and S

    Please help me create an instruction model including the following components:

    Sections of a well-written traning plan include: - Instructional topic, which is the subject - Instructional module or training plan title - Learning setting, such as business and educational setting - Audience, including the description of intended audience - Delivery modality, such as online, hybrid, and face-to-face -

    Planning Components Needed For Effective Teaching

    Share your understanding of the components of planning needed for effective teaching. Explain how planning with these components in mind will enable students to truly learn and understand science.

    Instructional Design: Internet-Controlled Robot

    Please provide some guidance with this project. Using the reading article come up with discussion questions you might ask a class if you were teaching the class. The Instructional Design Portfolio Using an Internet-Controlled Robot to Facilitate Learning By David Thornton, Stephen W. Armstrong and Mario Aguilar.

    Lesson Plan: Independent Practice and Monitoring Student Performance

    1. Describe and discuss how to adjust guided and independent pratice for the skill or concept seleced for a math class that is appropriate for: a. Students experiencing difficulty understanding the skill or concept. b. Students progressing at a faster rate than average. 2. Include five techniques appropriate f

    Strategies to Monitor Student Understanding

    What are four strategies that a teacher could use in a math class to check a student's understand of the lesson and material? What is a monitoring system that could be used in a classroom to identify and assist students requiring additional instruction or care (ELL, special needs, etc).

    Adjustable Assignments, Compacting, and Grouping

    How are adjustable assignments, compacting, and grouping used in differentiated instruction? Provide a brief summary of each as well as a strategy for implementing each discussed in the reading. Imagine that you are providing professional development on these topics. Which strategies from your reading would you use? Which st

    Differentiated Instruction for Student Readiness

    Please use a lesson plan or unit that includes measurable learning outcomes. You can create a new lesson plan or modify one that you have found. Provide and explain differentiated teaching strategies that are appropriate for a variety of students at different levels of readiness. Your strategies must align to the learning outcom

    elements of an effective course objectives

    Discuss the elements of an effective course objective that is relevant, achievable, and measurable. Provide a real world example of a high quality course objective and a second example of a poorly constructed one and explain why you believe they are high quality or poorly constructed objectives.

    Differentiation in a Standards-Based Environment

    Can differentiation and standards coexist? Can the backward design process and differentiated instruction coexist? Does the backward design process actually support differentiated instruction?

    Reading Lesson Challenges

    Please see the attached file for a literacy lesson plan for 4th graders and answer the following questions: 1) If the lesson plan was implemented to a group of students including a struggling reader, what would be some challenges (2-3 challenges)? 2) If the lesson plan was implemented to a group of students including a str

    A sample science lesson plan that includes math is provided.

    A model of a sample teacher's lesson plan for a science class that incorporates math and that shows a standards-based lesson plan (Include science (NSES) and math (NCTM) & 1-9 (e.g. clear-cut objectives that align to standards, relevant materials) is included. It targets an elementary classroom, which includes use of a variety o

    Lesson plan for one of the strands of social studies

    I need help with Select one of the strands of social studies. Create a lesson plan for that strand that can be delivered in a classroom over a 2-day period. Provide the following for each day of the lesson: ? State and local standards that coordinate with your lesson (Maryland standard) ? Objectives and student tasks

    Teacher Dispositions

    Prepare a plan for personal growth that will strengthen your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as a teacher. Indicate your areas of strengths and areas for improvements. If you are already proficient in an area, provide specific examples from your teaching practice and include an action plan for continuing growth in that area.

    Difference between state language arts standards and ELL

    In the format and alignment of Arizona academic standards, for ELL In the what is the difference between state language arts standards and ELL proficiency standards? Why do you think both are necessary in lesson preparation?

    Elementary Science Unit lesson sample

    There are times when a teacher uses instruction that is scripted and rigorously developed and times when instruction needs to be more open-ended and moderately defined. Quality teaching utilizes both the behavioral and the cognitive paradigms. Knowing when and where to use each is part of the art of teaching. Select a classr