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Island civilization social studies simulation game

I need help with Select one of the strands of social studies.
Create a lesson plan for that strand that can be delivered in a classroom over a 2-day period.
Provide the following for each day of the lesson:

? State and local standards that coordinate with your lesson (Maryland standard)

? Objectives and student tasks

? Varying differentiated activities

? Strategies to adjust and modify the learning environment, such as "for the civic strands" mock trials, mock elections, and developing rules and regulations for the classroom

? Technology and print resources

Note. This should be a thematic lesson integrating at least one of the following subjects: math, science, language arts, music, or art. For example, you could create a lesson that addresses the civic strand by requiring students to identify the importance of citizenship and the freedom afforded by living in a democratic society. Within the lesson, students could generate a poem about the importance of freedom.

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This lesson comes from Maryland's 7th grade social studies standards, strand three, which is geography. This is topic B, which is "analyze interrelationships among physical and human characteristics that shape the identity of places and regions around the world.
The four objectives under this topic indicator are:
a. Identify and describe physical characteristics that influenced human settlement
b. Explain how physical and human characteristics of a region such as vegetation, climate, minerals, population density and religion, affect its economic growth and the way people make a living.
c. Analyze how regional characteristics and interests including economic development, climate and the environmental impact government policies
d. Identify geographic factors that have influenced international relations and economic development in world regions, such as trade, infrastructure, and health issues

Materials required: drawing paper, pencils, potential handouts to guide village design and constitution writing, cards with natural resources and natural disasters, large topographical maps of individual islands, handout to guide final reflection based on teacher questions.

Introduction: Students, in groups of three to five, are to be assigned an island in an island chain of the number of islands required to accommodate the entire class (generally no more than 10 ...

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A two day lesson plan simulation game of islands in trade with each other during good times and bad to illustrate social studies civilization study. Maryland standards.