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Differentiating for Learning Profile

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What is a lesson plan? What is a measurable learning outcome?

Explain and provide possible differentiated teaching strategies (aligned to the learning outcomes) that are appropriate for a variety of students with different learning profiles.
Differentiated process
Differentiated product
Differentiated content
Explain how you will create a classroom that supports multiple ways to learn.
Discuss how you will add variety to your teaching.
Describe how you will help students develop a repertoire of approaches to learning.
Explain how you will help students develop the self-awareness needed to distinguish when an approach is working for them versus when they should change their approach.

Remember to identify the grade level and content area, as well as the learning outcomes and all possible levels of student readiness. There is not a page or length requirement for this assignment, however be sure to address all elements listed above, and provide the proper APA citation for any sources that you use. Include a title page and reference page(s).

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A lesson plan is something that is daily. Lesson plans usually include date, time, classroom demographics, etc. The most important part of a lesson plan is a learning objective. This details what you plan to teach that day. Think of it as a to-do list for that day. These are mostly based on state standards.

A measurable learning outcome is when you have something to show at the end of the lesson. For example, did the students understand what the learning objective of the lesson was? Do they understand what I wanted them to learn? Measuring simply means how do I know? Did 90% pass a quiz? Did all students complete the in class activity with a 90% or better? Sometimes you can include classroom participation as a measurable outcome, but in doing so you may need a checklist that shows what you observed in the students. Therefore, most measured outcomes result in the work you can provide as proof the students got the concept.

Explain and provide possible differentiated teaching strategies (aligned to the learning outcomes) that are appropriate for a variety of students with different learning profiles.

a. Differentiated strategies mean that you address all different students. It takes some time to master in a classroom since you have so many different styles that will help students. When I think of the differentiation I have used I always make sure to have a plan to help:
1. students who are ahead (gifted, may be bored easily and then a distraction)
2. ...

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