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    Elements of Effective Course Objectives

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    Discuss the elements of an effective course objective that is relevant, achievable, and measurable. Provide a real world example of a high quality course objective and a second example of a poorly constructed one and explain why you believe they are high quality or poorly constructed objectives.

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    Effective course objectives are specific, measurable, relevant, and timely or SMART. The teacher must first start with a stem that defines what students will be able to accomplish at the end of the lesson i.e. ââ?¬Å"At the end of the lesson students will be able to accurately explain the catalyst for the Civil War in America. This establishes a timeline for the course objective. The second element is choosing a measurable learning objective wherein you can effectively measure what your students have garnered from the course. This may entail choosing quizzes or other techniques to measure what the students have deduced from the course objective. Other effective tools are class discussions that enable the students to discuss their interpretation of what the information means to them. The third tenet involves reinforces the goal of the objective and what the students will be able to explain, discuss, etc. at the end of the course. The fourth stage involves a thorough review of whether your course objective is relevant, measurable, and whether the students are able to achieve the established goals. If the students are not able to complete the goal that was established in the stem portion of the SMART paradigm then you should modify your course objective (Fraschilla, 2011).

    An example of a High quality course objective:

    1. First this objective set the stem: The stem involved acquainting students with the fundamental tools of Managerial accounting. At the end of this course students will:

    A. Understand the fundamental issues of Managerial accounting, and be able ...

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    The solution discusses the elements of a poorly constructed course objective and a highly effective course objective through references.