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Please use a lesson plan or unit that includes measurable learning outcomes. You can create a new lesson plan or modify one that you have found. Provide and explain differentiated teaching strategies that are appropriate for a variety of students at different levels of readiness. Your strategies must align to the learning outcomes. Make sure to include the following:
â?¢ Differentiated access
â?¢ Differentiated process
â?¢ Differentiated product
â?¢ Differentiated content
Remember to identify the grade level, lesson plan, and content area, as well as appropriate learning outcomes and all possible levels of student readiness.

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As you identify the grade level, it's for 9-12 English. The learning outcomes include that students will...

"â?¢Gain knowledge by learning vocabulary and techniques associated with cartoons and graphic novels
â?¢ Apply their knowledge of cartooning strategies and skills to improve their reading comprehension of the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.
Examine specific pages and layouts to draw conclusions about the author's purpose and choices
Explore how the visual cues support or enhance text comprehension and inform the reader's understanding
â?¢Synthesize what they have learned by collaboratively preparing a brief oral presentation with an effective visual aid that focuses both on specific elements of graphic novels and key motifs of the text
â?¢Practice speaking effectively to the whole class in order to transmit thoughts and conclusions" (http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/pictures-tell-story-improving-1102.html?tab=4#tabs)

Here is the exact lesson plan:

1. Distribute Graphic Novel/Comics Terms and Concepts to students and review it. For this introductory session, focus on the following terms: frame, panel, gutter, graphic weight (tonal difference, patterning, and saturated colors), and text features (captions versus speech balloons).
2. Activate prior knowledge about the situation in ...

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Differentiated content and products are briefly highlighted in a lesson plan model.

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Select a postsecondary lesson plan, an instructional module/training plan, or one segment of a workshop or seminar agenda. Using your selected postsecondary lesson plan or segment of a seminar or workshop, recommend two modifications for each of the four ways of differentiating instruction that were discussed in class. These include the following.

a. Differentiating the content to be learned
b. Varying or altering the instructional strategies used to teach the required content
c. Varying the end product used to demonstrate mastery of the required content
d. Varying or altering the environment to accommodate varied learning styles
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