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Sales Revenue

Using Goals to Motivate a Sales Team

How may goals and quotas should be used to motivate a sales team? When does motivational pressure become too onerous for the members of the sales team? What types of rewards may be used by a sales manager? Is compensation motivational?

What is the relationship between advertising and sales?

Organizations are constantly trying to find ways to measure the effects of advertising on sales. Others say it is rarely possible to make this connection. Why it is so difficult to establish a relationship between advertising and sales?

Designing a Sales Invoice Table and Applying Normalization

Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the following information. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a

Explain Holley's position in "Information Disclosure in Sales."

Explain Holley's position in "Information Disclosure in Sales." Next, apply his arguments to the case study "Advice for Sale: How Companies Pay TV Experts for On-Air Product Mentions" On page 331 of the textbook. What would Holley likely conclude about this case? Why? Do you agree or disagree with Holley? Why? Please use:

List several promotional tools used by retailers to generate sales

List several promotional tools used by retailers to generate sales. Describe how each tool increases repeat visits, builds customer loyalty and increases market share. Give specific examples. Checklist: Evaluate promotional tools used by retailers to generate sales Compare the types of promotional tools used byretai

Is There a Line Between Research and Sales?

Is there a line between research and sales? At what point is a researcher bound to the ethical position of respondent confidentiality and anonymity? May a researcher share a respondent's contact information with his/her company to offer a service or product. What if the respondent expressed an interest in the service or product

Sales and Operation Planning

Plan production for the next year. The demand forecast is spring, 20,000; summer, 10,000; fall, $200 per worker 15,000; winter, 18,000. At the beginning of spring you have 70 workers and 1,000 units in inventory. The union contract specifies that you may lay off workers only once a year, at the beginning of summer. Also, you may

Yakima Manufacturing Company, Inc

12. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION APPLIES TO QUESTIONS 12 THROUGH 15. Yakima Manufacturing Company, Inc. purchases trees from Cascade Lumber and processes them up to the split-off point where two products (paper and pencil casings) are obtained. The products are then sold to an independent company that markets and distributes them

ZYX-BOXX Company - Sales for Beta Division

1. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION APPLIES TO QUESTIONS 1 THROUGH 5. The top management at ZYX-BOXX Company, a manufacturer of computer games, is attempting to recover from a flood that destroyed some of their accounting records. The main computer system was also severely damaged. The following information was salvaged:

domestic tariffs

Why haven't state governments levied tariffs on imports, or tax other states products? Would this be a sensible way to raise revenues? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Discuss: Certifications, revenue methods, bonds, insider trading

7. Identify three areas of service provided by public accountants. What is the most common professional certification held by public accountants? What are the general requirements for attaining the certification. 8. What are the common duties performed by private accountants. What two types of professional certifications,

Chavez Digital Machining's performance for the first 11 months

Chavez Digital Machining's performance for the first 11 months of the year has been a surprise with sales and profits somewhat above expectations. On december 20, just prior to the holiday break, Patrick Olmec faced the decision of scrapping some old equipment and replacing it. The old equipment had a book value of $400,000 but

The Big Fix at Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) Case Study

Review the The Big Fix at Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) case studies (attached). Respond to the questions here. In your responses be sure to focus on the organizational culture issues and opportunities. 1. Describe the advantages of TMS's new decentralized IS structure. What are the disadvantages? 2. What problems was Coope

Scatter plot and Regression

No trip to St. Louis is complete without seeing the Cardinals play and a post-game trip to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Ted believes the tie between Redbird fans and his frozen custard to be hopelessly inextricable; hence, he believes sales are higher during home games than road games. Ted's employees believe that the weather has

Top Down and Bottom-Up Sales Forecast

Describe the differences between the top down and the bottom up sales forecast methods. Describe advantages and disadvantages of each. Do you think one approach is likely to be more accurate than the other? Explain.

Dobbs recording revenue

Dobbs Wholesale Antiques makes all sales under terms of FOB shipping point. The company usually ships inventory to customers approximately one week after receiving the order. For orders received late in December, Kathy Dobbs, the owner, decides when to ship the goods. If profits are already at an acceptable level, Dobbs delays s

Pretend that this restaurant Subway at a shopping mall is an indoor location has been open for 12 months and that business is slow and stockholders are putting pressure on us to do better

Pretend that this restaurant Subway at a shopping mall is an indoor location has been open for 12 months and that business is slow and stockholders are putting pressure on us to do better. Take the position that your business has been in place for a year. Although the business originally started out well, sales have slumped over

break-even analysis

(a) Break-even analysis is of limited use to management because a company cannot survive by just breaking even. Do you agree? Explain. (b) Total fixed costs are $22,000 for Forrest Inc. It has a contribution margin per unit of $15, and a contribution margin ratio of 25%. Compute the break-even sales in dollars.

Sales Force Selection

Is the key to developing an effective sales force selection or training? Explain your choice.

Incremental Revenue and Cost

The Sunrise Hotel has 200 rooms. Each room rents at $110 per night and variable costs total $16 per room per night of occupancy. Fixed costs total $84,000 per month. If the hotel spends an additional $10,000 in the month of February on advertising they feel that they can expect occupancy rate to increase by 5%. What would be

The Sales Process for an iPad

You have to sell an iPad to a business. This is a business-to-business deal. Layout the sales process and how you will go for it and prepare for the anticipated objections as well.

This post addresses ways to grow university revenue.

If a college is constrained by lack of available space for more dormitories, how can a college grow their revenue? The college currently has undergraduate programs where they offer students residents and graduate and specialized doctoral programs without residents.

Percent of Sales Method for external financing

Assume a firm has total assets of $15,580,000, current liabilities of $4,261,000, long term debt of $3,638,000, and net worth of $7,681,000. Also, assume the firm has net sales of $12,250,000, net profit of $692,000, and dividends of $429,000. Further assume that management expects sales to increase by $2.75 million during the

Microsoft - Unearned Revenue

1.) Explain why a company such as Microsoft would set aside some software sales revenues as "unearned"? 2.) How would you determine how much sales revenue to set aside each quarter? Is this number easy to calculate? 3.) Suppose the unearned revenue account is reduced by $100 million. Where do these dollars go? (The unear

Sales call for pails.

Here is what I would like to have as your scenario. Often times in the chemical industry, pails are used to contain the product. These are typically plastic pails and metal pails. The scenario is this; you have been selling this account for a period of time (you are a salesman for the container company- U.S. Plastic) but sudd

Preparing a schedule of expected cash collections

Please help with the following problem regarding sales revenue. Provide step by step calculations. Experience has shown that 50% percent of the sales of Geraghty Company sales are for cash. Monthly sales are budgeted as follows: $280,000 for October, $240,000 for November, and $320,000 for December. The rest are on credit wi