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Sales Revenue

Home Depot: Effects of a 3% Sales Decline

Home Depot was one major company in the building supplies industry that was adversely affected by the slowdown in the housing market. On August 14, 2007, it announced that its revenues for the first half of the year were 3 percent lower than revenues were for the first six months of 2006. Of even greater concern was the fact tha

why BP changed its product offering

Class discussion: Chapter 1 Video - BP Connect. Students will respond to the following: o Discuss BP Connect's revenue stream prior to and after the introduction of BP Connect. o Identify the needs that BP Connect is meeting for the customer? o Discuss why BP changed its product offering? o Location is an important v

Analysis of Damages & Lost Sales for Sonoma Beverage Co.

See attached file. Case Facts: 1. Sonoma Beverage Co. is a beverage company located in Napa Valley. Sonoma Beverage Co. began its operations in 2003. 2. Sonoma Beverage Co.'s only product is a non-alcoholic fizzy "Napa Chardonnay" drink. 3. Sonoma Beverage Co. sells its product to specialty grocery stores. 4. Sonoma Beve

Accept Special Sales Order

AAA Lock Manufacturing Co. makes and sells several models of locks. The cost records for the ZForce lock shows that manufacturing costs total $29.00 per lock. An analysis of this amount indicates that $16.75 of the total cost has a variable cost behavior pattern, and the remainder is an allocation of fixed manufacturing overhead

Taxicab fares in most cities are regulated. Several years ago taxicab drivers in Boston obtained permission to raise their fares 10 percent, and they anticipated that revenues would increase by about 10 percent as a result. However, when the commissioner granted the 10 percent increase, revenues increased by only about 5 percent. What can you infer about the elasticity of demand for taxicab rides? What were taxicab drivers assuming about the elasticity of demand?

Taxicab fares in most cities are regulated. Several years ago taxicab drivers in Boston obtained permission to raise their fares 10 percent, and they anticipated that revenues would increase by about 10 percent as a result. However, when the commissioner granted the 10 percent increase, revenues increased by only about 5 percent

The Biggest Sales Day of the Year

The biggest sales day of the year is fast approaching, people every where going wild, how does a manager or supervisor plan inventory for such event? What will be the best strategy for a retailer to get such crowd through the check out counter, starting from the time the doors are open? For such volume of people, what type of pl

Anthony's Orchards: Discuss compensation plans for sales people

Understanding, analyzing, and providing accurate and relevant information to key areas helps guide management decisions. Review the job postings and financial data on the Anthony's Orchards website. Based on these postings, how do the two job descriptions influence your decision making about marketing variances? The method of pa

Projection model for Moss Fertilizers

** Please see the attached file for the data ** Moss Fertilizers Data collected on the yearly demand for 50-pound bags of fertilizer at Moss are shown in attached Excel sheet (a) Develop a three-year moving average forecast to predict sales for years 4 through 12. Is the forecasting method used appropriate for the data? W

Springfield Express: Break Even in Passengers and Revenues

Springfield Express is a luxury passenger carrier in Texas. All seats are first class, and the following data are available: Number of seats per passenger train car 90 Average load factor (percentage of seats filled) 70% Average full passenger fare $160 Average variable cost per passenger $70 Fixed oper

Informed consent process for a telephone survey

Assume that you work for a company that sells televisions. Your boss has directed you to create a report on the informed-consent process for a telephone survey regarding TVs. As part of the report, you need to create the content section that contains approximately 10 steps, a sample introduction, and a sample conclusion. Then

Manufacturing Sales Budgets: Martin & Sons

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Martin & Sons, a small door manufacturer, sold 4,600 white six-panel doors for $130 each and 2,400 unfinished six-panel doors for $100 each. Mr. Martin feels that because home-owners are doing more themselves and the economy is down, that they may see an increase of 15% in s

Determine Break-Even Point and Dollar Sales

See the attached file. 1. Rierson Inc. produces and sells two products. Data concerning those products for the most recent month appear below: The fixed expenses of the entire company were $17,730. The break-even point for the entire company is closest to: a. a. $32,250 b. b. $17,730 c. c. $31,661 d. d. $15,270

Piedmont Fasteners Corporation: Break even point in sales dollars and units

Cheryl Montoya picked up the phone and called her boss, Wes Chan, the vice president of marketing at Piedmont Fasteners Corporation: "Wes, I'm not sure how to go about answering the questions that came up at the meeting with the president yesterday." "What's the problem?" "The president wanted to know the break-even p

Not for profit organizations: Sources of revenues

The primary revenue source for not-for-profit organizations is contributions. Please define what a contribution is, and discuss how the different types of contributions are recognized as revenue (i.e. cash contributions, unconditional promise to give, conditional promise to give, multi-year pledge).

Analysis of the sales portions of the Stretch 'r Wings

Access the following link : Provide an analysis of the sales portions of the Stretch 'r Wings, the sales approach is described in section 5 &6. Consider the following: Describe the components of their sales approach. Discuss whet

Sales Promotion that can build or erode brand loyalty

Discuss how different forms of sales promotion can erode or build brand loyalty. If a company's objective is to enhance customer loyalty to its products, which sales promotion technique would be most appropriate?

Describe three relevant current or future trends in the sales profession

Within the past several years, business and society overall have seen changes that have significantly impact the sales profession. Such as technologically-based, such as e-commerce Web sites and smart cell phones with powerful voice and data capabilities. But there have been other types of changes, such as an increased emphasis

Break-Even Analyses

Prepare a Break-even analysis for Admission sales, food and drink services Admission sales will be $10.00 per person, the liquor bottles will be from $150.00 to $350.00 the drinks will be $11.00, beers will be $5.00 and everything from the menu will be $6.00 Weekly expenses Fixed Costs: Salaries: $56,760 Bills: (water

Regression Analysis Model: Forecast sales price for car

See attached file. Dan Jones is thinking about purchasing of a car. One of his main concerns is how well the car will maintain its value. In particular, he is wondering how certain options affect a car's resale value, including the model year, type of transmission, mileage, air conditioning, leather interior, and the average

Pro Forma Sales and Revenue Goals for Leach Company

Top executive officers of Leach Company, a merchandising firm, are preparing the next year's budget. The controller has provided everyone with the current year's projected income statement. CURRENT YEAR Sales revenue $2,600,000, cost of goods sold 1,690,000, Gross profit 910,000, Selling & Admin. expense 325,000, Net inc

Revenue variance-Budgeting for Oxford Health,

Budgeting Questions A Oxford Health Grants CEO Bonus (Wall Street Journal) Oxford Health Plans Inc. (OHP) awarded its chief executive a bonus of $2.5 million in January 2009 for his performance in 2008. He received a $350,000 bonus in January 2008 for his performance in 2007. Oxford, health-plan provider, was on the brin

Sales Forecast Modeling

Gates Equipment, Inc., manufactures a wide range of parts for the agricultural equipment industry. The company is currently evaluating the merits of building a new plant in order to fulfill a new contract with a large export concern. The alternative to expansion is to use additional overtime, reduce other production, or a combin

Sales Promotion and Advertising, brand value, sender-receiver model

What are primary differences between sales promotion and advertising? Discuss some media and non-media marketing communications that are typically employed to increase customer interest, demand, and sales. Does brand value always increase with increasing sales (of the product)? In this context discuss how discounts hav