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Sales call for pails.

Here is what I would like to have as your scenario. Often times in the chemical industry, pails are used to contain the product. These are typically plastic pails and metal pails. The scenario is this; you have been selling this account for a period of time (you are a salesman for the container company- U.S. Plastic) but suddenly your company has changed suppliers (of the plastic used to make the pails). It has become aware to some of your internal people that the quality of plastic is poor compared to other product that you purchased in the past. Jeremy's company has suddenly noticed that they have "leakers' or pinholes in the pails and it is causing significant loss of the chemical and dangerous conditions at his customer's facilities. Jeremy's product is very dangerous to handle and could be a source of the leaks but not likely. Your boss has asked you to go in and investigate the scenario.
Failure rate of the pails is about 25%. Your boss suspects that this could be a very large claim not only for the pails but for the damaged material (leaking chemical). You are going in to see Jeremy but to mitigate as much damage as possible not only to the reputation of your company but also financially.
Do some basic research on U.S. Plastic so that you have some "beef" to present to Jeremy behind your discussion. Then it will be your duty to collect facts, ask the correct questions based on your research of the product and hopefully mitigate as much damage as possible. Remember; use creative thinking in trying to conduct the sales call as well as solve the issue...Make a list of questions to be asked related to that and maybe some to overcome the possible objections.

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In order to fully assess the situation I will need to ask Jeremy some key questions. First I want to know how long it takes the buckets to leak after use. This may help determine whether the chemicals stored in the buckets are the actual cause of the leaks or a manufacturing problem. If needed I will ask Jeremy to conduct a leak test with water on a portion of the buckets ordered or will conduct a survey myself to see if the problem is on the manufacturing side. If the leaks occur due to manufacturing quality they will leak simply with water stored in them.

I will need to know which bucket models Jeremy is using. The heavy duty (premium) plastic models are approved by NMFC, FDA and UFC and are made of high density polypropylene. However, they are only recommended for motor oil. ...

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A sales call for pails is examined.