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    Sales Revenue

    Sales Territories, determining basic control unit for territorial boundaries.

    What control unit (states, counties, cities, zipcode areas, metropolitan areas) would you recommend in establishing sales territories for each of the following companies? Explaine why you picked the control unit you did for each. a) manufacturer of laptops; b) food broker; c) appliance wholesaler; d) manufacturer of ou

    Sales tactics

    Why should sales tactics be reevaluated? When should competitive tactics, that call competitors to action, be implemented? Why would it be desirable that your actions not create a competitive response? Provide an example.

    Sales Mix and Break Even Analysis

    Leisure products, inc manufactures and sells 2 products, golf balls and tennis balls. Fixed cost are $100,000 and unit sales $60,000 sheaths of golf balls and 40,000 cans of tennis balls. The unit sales prices are unit variable cost are as follows: Product Unit sales price Unit variable cost golf balls $6

    Grants are not necessarily recognized as revenue when awarded

    Columbus City was awarded a state grant of $150,000 to assist its adult literacy program. The following were significant events relating to the grant: ? The city, which is on a calendar year, was notified of the award in November 2007. ? During 2008 it expended $30,000 on the literacy program and was reimbursed for $20,000. It

    Unearned Revenues - ticket sales.

    Kirkland theater sells season tickets for events at a price of $168. For the 2007 season, 1,200 season tickets were sold. Complete A,B,C using the attached Excel worksheet. Show any work. A. Use the horizontal model to show the effect of the sale of the season tickets. B. Use the horizontal model to show the effect of

    Full capacity sales and total operating cost

    King Inc. is currently running at 45% of full capacity. The plant and equipment are currently valued at $145,000,000 and Silver King generated sales of $80,000,000. What is the full capacity sales of King with their current asset. NJM Inc is a football manufacturer and has fixed operating costs of $400,000 and variable costs

    Important Information about Advertising and Sales Promotion

    1. How is advertising and sales promotion similar? Different? Which do you think is a more effective communication tool and why? 2. Consider two different products: an industrial product and a consumer product. How would the media for these products differ? What would affect the advertising scheduling for these two products?

    Sale of Dallas Mavericks

    The Dallas Mavericks basketball team has hired you as its new accountant. On your first day on the job, Mavericks' owner, Mark Cuban, comes to you and asks, "How many tickets must we sell to pay for Dirk Nowitzki's salary?" He then hands you a sheet of paper with the following information: Dirk Nowitzki's salary . . .

    Degree of Operating Leverage Sales

    McGonnigal, Inc., has expected sales of $40 million. Fixed operating cost are $5 million, and the variable cost ratio is 65 percent. McGonnigal has outstanding a $10 million, 10% bank loan, and $3 million in 12% coupon - rate bonds. Mcgonnigal has outstanding 250,000 share of a $10 (dividend) preferred stock and 1 million shares

    Smith Brothers Outdoor Adventures: Proper Revenue Reporting

    Bob and Tom Smith, owners of Smith Brothers Outdoor Adventures, are planning to add an outdoor adventure camp for children to the line of services they provide. Their plan includes requiring the parents to pay a non-refundable deposit of half the tuition fees to hold their child's place in the camp. The remaining tuition can by

    Calculate sales by using native method, simple average

    2. Lauren's Beauty Boutique has experienced the following weekly sales: Week Sales 1 432 2 396 3 415 4 458 5 460 Forecast sales for week 6 using the naïve method, a simple average, and a three-period moving average. hide

    Contribution Margin: Deciding on Proposals

    Use the formula stated: Contribution Margin = Revenue - Variable Costs (CM = R - VC) Your top two Agents ... Let's call them ... Agent J and Agent K, both bring in two "must do deals" with new extraterrestrial accounts. Agent J's is for $ 100,000 ... 50 units at sales price $2,000 per unit Agent K's is for $ 50,000 ... 2

    Ronowski Company Sales mix: Breakeven for three products, contribution margin

    The Ronowski Company has three product lines of belts- A, B, and C with contribution margins of $3, $2, and $1, respectively. The president foresees sales of 200,000 units in the coming period, consisting of 20,000 units of A, 100,000 units of B, and 80,000 units of C. The company's fixed costs for the period are $255,000. 1

    Calculating rate of sales increase, annual payment, PV...

    1. A corporation's 1995 sales were $ 10,794,625. Sales were $5 million 10 years earlier. To the nearest percentage point, at what rate have sales been growing? 2. If you buy a factory for $100,000 and the terms are 10% down, the balance of $90,000 to be paid off over 8 years at a 8% rate of interest on the unpaid balance, wha

    Sales and operations planning

    What is the purpose of sales and operations planning? How does the stop process enter into the planning process? What value is it to organizations?

    Frontier's Markets: Sales based allocations

    Sales-Based Allocations Frontier's Markets has three grocery stores in the metropolitan Salt Lake area. Central costs are allocated using sales as the cost-allocation base. The following are budgeted and actual sales during November: Sunnyville Wedgewood Capital Budgeted sales $600,000 $1,000,000 $400,000 Actu

    Use of Linear Regression for Break Even, Scatter Plots, Revenue Trends

    Break-even calculations, scatter plots for estimating demand information, and trends in revenue: In each of these, we simplified the analysis to a straight line. While this is useful, sometimes these data are more complex. They may be a curved line, or instead of only one item for the slope, such as variable costs, there may be

    The answer to Breakeven Point

    Findlay Farms produces strawberries and raspberries. Annual fixed costs are $14,400. The cost driver for variable costs is "pints of fruit produced." The variable cost is $.65 per pint of strawberries and $.85 per pint of raspberries. Strawberries sell for $1.00 per pint, raspberries for $1.35 per pint. Two pints of strawberries

    Sales Promotion Plan

    You have recently been assigned the task of developing promotional techniques to introduce your company's new product, a Cajun chicken sandwich. Advertising spending is limited, so the introduction will only include some low-budget sales promotion techniques. Write a sales promotion plan that will increase awareness of your new

    Product's sales decline (Nicole Kidman-endorsed pharmaceutical)

    I'd appreciate ideas and help for attached question regarding sales decline of a product. Thanks! ------------ Read a short description of a situation and answer the question associated with it. The manufacturer of a drug has had a fair amount of success in terms of sales, market share, and profits obtained from this

    Different Sales Strategies for Event Planners for Target Markets

    Describe at least three different marketing and sales strategies EVENT PLANNERS may utilize to reach target markets. · Analyze the role technology plays in your selected strategies. APA format Cite at least two sources in your paper. Properly cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the U

    Article review: How to do a short sale.

    See attached file. I need help creating an article review using APA format (6th edition). I have chosen the article. It is included in the attachment. Please annotate all references.

    Microsoft: What was the cash generated from revenues in 2004

    Microsoft Corp. reported $36.835 billion in revenues for fiscal year 2004. Accounts receivable, net of allowances, increased from $5.196 billion in 2003 to $5.890 billion. Microsoft has been criticized for underreporting revenue. Revenue from software licensed to computer manufacturers is not recognized in the income statement u

    Alex Rodriguez $275M Salary: Sources of Revenue

    In November 2007, the New York Yankees agreed to pay Alex Rodriguez at least $275 million over ten years. If this salary were to be covered by ticket sales only, how many more tickets per game would the Yankees have to sell to cover Rodriguez's salary in the 81 home games per year if the average ticket price is $40? Are there

    CAFR: Analysis Revenue Bonds

    Does the government have revenue bonds outstanding that are related to business-type activities? If so, for what activities? The State of Washington. Web site is below. http://www.ofm.wa.gov/cafr/2008/default.asp

    Public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion

    What are some strengths and weaknesses of public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion? Do you think that social networking sites are effective for PR, sales or promotions? What are some unethical issues related to promotion?