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Sales Revenue

Difference between High Sales and High Demand

How would you determine the difference between high sales and high demand? Also, if we conducted market surveys to determine the markets demand could that be misinterpreted if sales were low?

Research and Evaluation

Going back to marketing data Using the data you provided collected for the two variables in calculate the least squares regression equation. Interpret the results of equation and determine what the results tell us about the relationship between the variables.

External Funds Using Percentage of Sales

I am not certain how to work the formulas on this problem. Using Percentage of Sales. Eagle Sports Supply has the following financial statements. Assume that Eagle's assets are proportional to its sales. a. Find Eagle's required external funds if it maintains a dividend payout ratio of 70 percent and plans a growth rate o

Total sales of a product.

Elm Company makes a product that has peak sales in September of each year. The company has prepared a sales budget for the third quarter of 2003, as shown below. July August September Budgeted sales $500,000 $600,000 $750,000

Fixed Cost, Variable Cost - Contribution Margin; Total Revenue

A city health clinic treats two types of patients: 1) those with physical problems and 2) those with mental health problems. The revenues and costs associated with each type of patient are attached. Fixed costs are expected to be $2,000. a. What is the contribution margin for each type of patient? b. If out total revenue