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Sales Revenue

Sales Increase Calculation

Bannister Legal Services generated $2.0 million in sales during 2007, and its year end total assets were $1.5 million. Also, at year-end 2007, current liabilities were $500,000 consisting of $200,000 of notes payable, $200,000 of accounts payable, and $100,000 of accruals. Looking ahead to 2008, the company estimates that its as

U.S. retail sales (in millions of dollars): What is the data pattern?

Month_Year Total Jan-93 147,772 Feb-93 144,335 Mar-93 163,943 Apr-93 169,634 May-93 175,371 Jun-93 174,825 Jul-93 176,995 Aug-93 176,208 Sep-93 170,202 Oct-93 175,510 Nov-93 180,364 Dec-93 217,629 Jan-94 154,400 Feb-94 155,596 Mar-94 183,782 Apr-94 181,209 May-94 186,395 Jun-94 189,244 Jul-94 184,978 Aug-94 1

Greeting Card Sales: Analyze by Seller and by Type of Card

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** In cell G6 write a formula giving Ann's total sales using the SUM function. Drag the formula in G6 to cells G7:G10. Did this give the right values for Bob's, Charles's, David's, and Ellen's total sales? Without using the SUM function, enter a formula

Computerized Sales Invoicing System Errors vs. Manual System

A wholesaler has recently developed a computerized sales invoicing system. Prior to implementing this system, a manual system was used. The distribution of the number of errors per invoice for the manual system is as follows: Errors per invoice 0 1 2 3 3 or more Percentage of Invoices 87% 8%

Sales Promotions in Marketing Campaigns

Sales promotions have become an important ingredient in marketing campaigns. Choose four types of consumer promotion tools and describe each, including a discussion of their advantages and when they might be used.

Primus Company unit sales price; Trinity Corp unit sales

1. The following information is for a product of Primus Company: Last year, the variable cost per unit was $22. Total fixed costs were $800,000. At a volume of 170,000 units, the company achieved a profit of $50,000. What was the unit sales price for the product last year? 2. The following information is for a prod

Break Even Point In Sales Dollars

Camping USA Inc. has only been operating for 2 years in the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a new manufacturer of a top-of-the-line camping tent. You are starting an internship as assistant to the chief financial officer of the company, and the owner and CEO, Tom Charles, has decided that this is the right time to k

Describing Positions of Sales Representatives

Please help me in answering the following question. The original oldest form of direct marketing is field sales call. No one debates the importance of the sales force in its marketing program. However, the term "sales representative" covers a broad range of positions, tasks, and responsibilities. List and briefly describe eac

Kyoto clothing wholesaler: Prepare schedule of sales and collections

A Kyoto clothing wholesaler was preparing its sales budget for the first quarter of 2008. Forecast sales are (in thousands of yen) January ¥200,000 February ¥220,000 March ¥240,000 Sales are 20% cash and 80% on credit. Fifty percent of the credit accounts are collected in the month of sale, 40% in the month following

Important information about Company Analysis

See attached problem. a. What is the company's average annual rate of sales growth from 2007 through 2009? b. How long, on average, was Better Mouse Trap taking to collect on its receivable accounts in 2009? (Assume all of the company's sales were on credit.) c. Was Better Mouse Trap more or less profitable in 2009 tha

Sewage Works Revenue Bonds: Analyze the two bids received

A city advertised for bids for the purchase of $2 million principal amount of Sewage Works Revenue Bonds. Bonds will be delivered on April 1, 2007; interest will be paid on April 1 of the following years. The bonds mature as follows: Maturity Date Amount ($) April 1, 2012 50,000 April 1, 2013 50,000 April 1, 2014 50,000

Grants are not necessarily recognized as revenue when awarded

Columbus City was awarded a state grant of $150,000 to assist its adult literacy program. The following were significant events relating to the grant: ? The city, which is on a calendar year, was notified of the award in November 2007. ? During 2008 it expended $30,000 on the literacy program and was reimbursed for $20,000. It

Important Information about Advertising and Sales Promotion

1. How is advertising and sales promotion similar? Different? Which do you think is a more effective communication tool and why? 2. Consider two different products: an industrial product and a consumer product. How would the media for these products differ? What would affect the advertising scheduling for these two products?

Sale of Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks basketball team has hired you as its new accountant. On your first day on the job, Mavericks' owner, Mark Cuban, comes to you and asks, "How many tickets must we sell to pay for Dirk Nowitzki's salary?" He then hands you a sheet of paper with the following information: Dirk Nowitzki's salary . . .

Smith Brothers Outdoor Adventures: Proper Revenue Reporting

Bob and Tom Smith, owners of Smith Brothers Outdoor Adventures, are planning to add an outdoor adventure camp for children to the line of services they provide. Their plan includes requiring the parents to pay a non-refundable deposit of half the tuition fees to hold their child's place in the camp. The remaining tuition can by

Ronowski Company Sales mix: Breakeven for three products, contribution margin

The Ronowski Company has three product lines of belts- A, B, and C with contribution margins of $3, $2, and $1, respectively. The president foresees sales of 200,000 units in the coming period, consisting of 20,000 units of A, 100,000 units of B, and 80,000 units of C. The company's fixed costs for the period are $255,000. 1

Calculating rate of sales increase, annual payment, PV...

1. A corporation's 1995 sales were $ 10,794,625. Sales were $5 million 10 years earlier. To the nearest percentage point, at what rate have sales been growing? 2. If you buy a factory for $100,000 and the terms are 10% down, the balance of $90,000 to be paid off over 8 years at a 8% rate of interest on the unpaid balance, wha

Sales and operations planning

What is the purpose of sales and operations planning? How does the stop process enter into the planning process? What value is it to organizations?

Frontier's Markets: Sales based allocations

Sales-Based Allocations Frontier's Markets has three grocery stores in the metropolitan Salt Lake area. Central costs are allocated using sales as the cost-allocation base. The following are budgeted and actual sales during November: Sunnyville Wedgewood Capital Budgeted sales $600,000 $1,000,000 $400,000 Actu

Use of Linear Regression for Break Even, Scatter Plots, Revenue Trends

Break-even calculations, scatter plots for estimating demand information, and trends in revenue: In each of these, we simplified the analysis to a straight line. While this is useful, sometimes these data are more complex. They may be a curved line, or instead of only one item for the slope, such as variable costs, there may be

The answer to Breakeven Point

Findlay Farms produces strawberries and raspberries. Annual fixed costs are $14,400. The cost driver for variable costs is "pints of fruit produced." The variable cost is $.65 per pint of strawberries and $.85 per pint of raspberries. Strawberries sell for $1.00 per pint, raspberries for $1.35 per pint. Two pints of strawberries

Product's sales decline (Nicole Kidman-endorsed pharmaceutical)

I'd appreciate ideas and help for attached question regarding sales decline of a product. Thanks! ------------ Read a short description of a situation and answer the question associated with it. The manufacturer of a drug has had a fair amount of success in terms of sales, market share, and profits obtained from this