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    Sales Revenue

    customer sales, channel sales, margins, profitability

    In terms of customer sales, channel sales, margins, profitability, and ratios, what financial objectives does your company use with respect to marketing? How would you adjust or change your organization's objectives? Why?

    Accept Special Sales Order

    AAA Lock Manufacturing Co. makes and sells several models of locks. The cost records for the ZForce lock shows that manufacturing costs total $29.00 per lock. An analysis of this amount indicates that $16.75 of the total cost has a variable cost behavior pattern, and the remainder is an allocation of fixed manufacturing overhead

    Deciding on the Right Type of Sales Promotion

    Indicate the type of sales promotion that a producer might use in each of the following situations and briefly explain your reasons: (1) A firm has developed an improved razor blade, but customers are not motivated to buy it. (2) A competitor is about to do a test market for a new brand and wants to track sales in test mar

    Compute standard deviation of sales

    Compute the standard deviation of sales (attached) BonApetite Company Case Study EXHIBIT 1 Demand for Lunch Delight During Lead Time, 2011 _____________________________________________________________________ Cases Number of times this (pounds / 30) quantity was deman

    Taxicab fares in most cities are regulated. Several years ago taxicab drivers in Boston obtained permission to raise their fares 10 percent, and they anticipated that revenues would increase by about 10 percent as a result. However, when the commissioner granted the 10 percent increase, revenues increased by only about 5 percent. What can you infer about the elasticity of demand for taxicab rides? What were taxicab drivers assuming about the elasticity of demand?

    Taxicab fares in most cities are regulated. Several years ago taxicab drivers in Boston obtained permission to raise their fares 10 percent, and they anticipated that revenues would increase by about 10 percent as a result. However, when the commissioner granted the 10 percent increase, revenues increased by only about 5 percent

    Selling techniques and the consumers

    Please provide a personal opinion on the following: How do you feel about being sold to or managed? What techniques do sales people use that irk you? What techniques really resonate with you?

    Temperance, Inc: Computing the Most Accurate Sales Forecast

    Temperance, Inc. is studying marketing cost and sales volume, and has generated the following information by use of a scatter diagram and a least-squares regression analysis: Scatter Diagram Regression Analysis Variable cost per unit sold $ 5.80 $ 6.40 Total monthly fixed cost $ 45,500 $ 41,000 Tem

    Record sales for Will Company

    Will Company issued $100,000 worth of bonds on January 1, Year 3 with interest payable annually. The bonds had a contract rate of 8%. The bonds were set up as floating-rate debt with the rate benchmarked to LIBOR plus 3% The entry to record the sale (issuance) of the bonds would be what? Will company issued $100,000 worth

    The Biggest Sales Day of the Year

    The biggest sales day of the year is fast approaching, people every where going wild, how does a manager or supervisor plan inventory for such event? What will be the best strategy for a retailer to get such crowd through the check out counter, starting from the time the doors are open? For such volume of people, what type of pl

    Anthony's Orchards: Discuss compensation plans for sales people

    Understanding, analyzing, and providing accurate and relevant information to key areas helps guide management decisions. Review the job postings and financial data on the Anthony's Orchards website. Based on these postings, how do the two job descriptions influence your decision making about marketing variances? The method of pa

    Projection model for Moss Fertilizers

    ** Please see the attached file for the data ** Moss Fertilizers Data collected on the yearly demand for 50-pound bags of fertilizer at Moss are shown in attached Excel sheet (a) Develop a three-year moving average forecast to predict sales for years 4 through 12. Is the forecasting method used appropriate for the data? W

    Springfield Express: Break Even in Passengers and Revenues

    Springfield Express is a luxury passenger carrier in Texas. All seats are first class, and the following data are available: Number of seats per passenger train car 90 Average load factor (percentage of seats filled) 70% Average full passenger fare $160 Average variable cost per passenger $70 Fixed oper

    Eliminating sales commission and increasing fixed salaries

    The company is considering eliminating sales commissions entirely in its shops and increasing fixed salaries by 31,500 annually. if this change is made, what will be the new break-even point in dollar sales and in unit sales for shop 48? would you recommend that the change be made?

    Can management estimate the benefits of a system

    It is always the case that management has no way to estimate the benefit of a system that is intended to generate new revenue, so it must build the system on faith, not estimates. Do you agree or disagree, explain your argument.

    Global Challenges in Existing Businesses

    Select a challenge facing global organizations that seek to remain successful in existing businesses, while starting new businesses to provide future revenue and profits. How do you predict organizations will address this challenge in the future? use at least one reference

    Informed consent process for a telephone survey

    Assume that you work for a company that sells televisions. Your boss has directed you to create a report on the informed-consent process for a telephone survey regarding TVs. As part of the report, you need to create the content section that contains approximately 10 steps, a sample introduction, and a sample conclusion. Then

    Sales and Production Budgets

    The marketing department of Jessi Corporation has submitted the following sales forecast for the upcoming fiscal year (all sales are on account) Budgeted Unit sales 1st Quarter 11,000 2nd quarter 12,000 3rd quarter 14,000 4th quarter 13,000 The selling price of the company's product is $18.00 per unit. Managem

    Manufacturing Sales Budgets: Martin & Sons

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? Martin & Sons, a small door manufacturer, sold 4,600 white six-panel doors for $130 each and 2,400 unfinished six-panel doors for $100 each. Mr. Martin feels that because home-owners are doing more themselves and the economy is down, that they may see an increase of 15% in s

    Linear and Exponential Growth Models

    These are the sales data for two companies A and B over three years. Company A is witnessing a linear growth in sales while company B is witnessing an exponential growth in sales. The sales data for 2000 and 2002 is shown. Year A B 2000