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    Informed consent process for a telephone survey TV sales

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    Assume that you work for a company that sells televisions. Your boss has directed you to create a report on the informed-consent process for a telephone survey regarding TVs.

    As part of the report, you need to create the content section that contains approximately 10 steps, a sample introduction, and a sample conclusion. Then, answer the following questions:

    What steps would be included in the survey?
    How long do you estimate each step would take?
    How can you ensure that the survey adheres to the highest ethical levels?

    Cite sources.

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    Informed Consent Process for TVs


    Directions and Informed Consent for the following survey:
    Thank you for your interest in participating in this telephone survey regarding TVs. To be able to participate in this survey, the following conditions must be met:
    - You must be 18 years old.
    - You must own a TV of any kind or be interested in purchasing one.
    - You cannot be another TV retailer.

    By answering the questions in the survey, you are assisting with explaining what experiences different consumers have in purchasing TVs. For your cooperation in answering these questions and giving us this information, you will be entered into a special drawing for a brand new 19" flat screen color TV.

    My name is John Smith and I work for "See-Me TVs" in Newark, New Jersey. I am conducting research on behalf of the company I work for. No questions in the survey are of a personal nature. They all have to do with the purchase or upgrade of your TVs. Would you have time today to give your consent to spend time answering ten ...

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