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    Compare the Major Tools of Consumer Sales Promotion

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    What are the major tools used in consumer sales versus trade promotion?

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    Comparison of Major Tools used in Consumer Sales Versus Trade Promotion

    Major Tools used in Consumer Sales Promotion

    Major tools used in consumer sales promotions come in all shapes and designs. Some of the most frequent ones are (Joseph, 2011):

    1) Samples - distributed by manufacturers to get the consumer to try new products.
    2) Coupons - discounts the price of the product and is usually done to promote it.
    3) Rebates or Cash Refund Offers - after the consumer purchases the product, the consumer gets money back.
    4) Price packs - these are normally "cents off" deals. The price of the product is reduced and it is marked right on the package.
    5) Sales Pricing - reduces the price of the product for a period of time.

    Major tools used in trade promotions are as follows (DaytonUniversity):

    1) Priced-based trade promotions - These vary according to length of ...

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