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Sales Promotion Techniques

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Summarize the key sales promotion techniques that marketing firms direct towards trade and consumers. Include real world examples to describe the following classifications of sales promotion techniques:
o Discounts and deals
o Increasing Industry Visibility
o Price-based consumer sales promotion
o Attention-getting consumer sales promotion

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Sales Promotion Techniques


Sales promotion is a key ingredient in the marketing campaigns. It consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short term and designed to stimulate quicker or a large amount of purchase of particular products or services by the consumers or the trade. This is an important component of the marketing communication mix. Sales promotion acts as a catalyst to the already existing sales efforts. Sellers use different kind of tools for the purpose of sales promotion (Schultz, Robinson, & Petrison, 1998).

Sales Promotion Techniques

Marketers use a variety of techniques for sales promotion. The techniques of sales promotion are classified in various ways. The four classes of sales promotion techniques include discounts and deals, increasing industry visibility, price-based consumer sales promotion and attention-getting consumer sales promotion.

· Discounts and Deals: This technique of sales promotion provides discount on the purchase of goods to the customers. The marketer can give discount on price or can provide more quantity on the same price as a part of sales promotion.

Marketers also use coupons as a discount tool. Coupons are kept inside the package and the premium is given when a buyer presents the coupon at a designated shop. Coupons are effective in stimulating sales of a mature brand and inducing early trial of a new brand.

For example, General Motors and Ford provide discount to the ...

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