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Public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion

What are some strengths and weaknesses of public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion? Do you think that social networking sites are effective for PR, sales or promotions? What are some unethical issues related to promotion?

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Public Relations-Some of the strengths of public relations include the ability to reach a massive audience at a very marginal expense. If a firm has a relationship with a media outlet (i.e. has bought significant advertising with an outlet in the past), they may have virtually free access to public relations communications. In the time it takes to write a press release, a firm can reinvent itself or successfully launch a new product. One of the main weaknesses of public relations is that sometimes public opinion is hard to sway and if the wrong message is communicated, it is hard to 'save face'. The public is finicky and hard to persuade once an impression has been made. Another disadvantage is that it can take lots of time or money to develop a relationship with an appropriate media outlet.

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