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Review of Short Sales Article

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I need help creating an article review using APA format (6th edition).

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All about Short Sales

Whether you know it or not, it is very likely that someone you know is facing bankruptcy and/or the loss of a home. As a result, that person will be faced with the choice to either allow the foreclosure to go through or try out for what is called a "short sale" in order to protect their credit. Should a borrower be considering buying a short sale, there are certain requirements that will help her prepare for the process.

Nowadays, short sales are becoming a popular topic, as home owners are faced with a variety of issues (i.e. inability to keep up with mortgage payments, bankruptcy) that are leading them to lose their homes. As a result, many buyers looking for a bargain are considering short sales. (Here, you must add your own opinion as requested ...

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Article about the uses of short sales.